Why 91% of Working Women Are Wrong

why 91 percent of working women are wrong

91% of 10,000 women surveyed believe that more senior roles involve longer hours and more pressure. That’s an unfortunate misperception! The worst jobs are actually in middle management. Here’s why…

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The Real Truth About “Having It All”

gordana croatia

Bestselling author Gordana Frgačić speaks to the heart as she tells women what “having it all” really means in work/life balance and the true definition of true success…

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Want Economic Prosperity? Close the Gender Gap

World Economic Forum Logo

Today, The World Economic Forum released its 2013 Global Gender Gap Report. It surveyed 136 countries. We wanted to share a high-level summary, takeaways, and implications…

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The Secret to a Thriving Global Economy

Google doodle IWD

The global economy will only thrive when ALL of its talent – not half its talent – is fully engaged. The Way Women Work Founder Rania Anderson tells us how…

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How Thought Partners Add Value to Your Business


There is something new on my radar that I haven’t heard discussed. As I study successful business people and entrepreneurs, I find that in addition to having strong mentors…

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