Central America

Focusing on Growth Through Education and Mentoring

Celeste North

We first met Celeste from Mexico four years ago. She has her eyes on big things – launching a big, international tech startup. But this is how she’s growing in the meantime…

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INQUEBRANTABLE: El libro sobre cómo impulsar su carrera profesional ya está disponible en español

inquebrantable sq

Es un gran honor el compartir con ustedes la emocionante noticia de que mi galardonado libro UNDETERRED: The Six Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies, ¡ha sido traducido al español!

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4 Steps to Create Positive Change on Your Professional Path

fabiola benavente

How can you manifest your potential? How can you create positive change right now? Founder of Changemakers Forward Fabiola Benavente shares how…

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Mexican Woman CEO Meets Her Greatest Professional Challenge


After 25 years in the tech industry, Lucero Franco of Guadalajara, Mexico, took on her greatest career challenge to-date as interim CEO at Zarkin…

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Woman Entrepreneur Brings Zumba to Dominican Republic

dafnee de frias

Dafnee graduated with a marketing degree but brought her professional dreams come to life after becoming a Zumba instructor. Now…

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Dominican Woman Entrepreneur Helps Local Artisans

rosa maria marte sq

After traveling the world, Rosa Maria Marte of the Dominican Republic developed a deep appreciation for art. Before she knew it…

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Female Tech Entrepreneur Sparks Innovation in Mexico


Celeste North – founder of NuFlick – radiates unabashed honesty, courage and leadership as she shares what life has been like as an entrepreneur. You will want to meet this young, cutting-edge woman who is actively making a mark in tech beyond Mexico…

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Mexican Female Illustrator Leads in a Booming Mobile-Education Market

aleka mexico

Dropping out of college and quitting her job, Mexico native Aleksa Delsol became lead illustrator at Yogome, a fast-growing mobile education platform for kids globally. She discusses being in a cutting-edge market and how other women can pursue their dreams, just like she did.

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What Tech Women in Mexico Want

ana mexico

I recently had a birthday – the 34th to be exact – and couldn’t t help but reflect on what my life has been and who I have become, personally and professionally. I live in Guadalajara, Mexico; I am the oldest of three; I had the chance to get a scholarship at the University of […]

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From Professional Ballerina to Business Woman

estefany marte

It sounds like the plotline of a movie: vivacious professional ballerina of 11 years quits to manage the family natural fruit pulp business in the Dominican Republic. While it’s not a movie (yet), and as Estefany Marte pointed out, most movie plots would likely go the opposite direction – manager to ballerina. But, it’s her […]

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