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Rania Habiby Anderson is the leading authority on the advancement of business women in emerging economies; she is an international speaker and author, business executive coach, entrepreneur, former corporate leader, angel investor, and founder of The Way Women Work. See more of her expertise and writing on LinkedIn.

Policies Don’t Change Work Environments – You Do

The Way Women Work gender equity men supporting women

This year, I’m concerned that my clients – and you – may be reluctant to make any changes related to the way they interact with women in the workplace. But there is something you can do…

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What Smart, Strategic Male Leaders Do Differently

“I had to do something that he and everyone else would not forget. I had to hit him where he’d really feel it—in his business results and pocket…”

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The Secret to Liza Badanova’s Career Confidence & Her Advice to You

I met Liza Badanova, a young attorney and the Deputy Head of Legal in Naftogaz, Ukraine, at a small gathering of Ukrainian and American women professionals who met to share experiences and career advice. Right away, I observed that Liza exemplified three of the most important attributes of successful leaders: she is poised; quietly, but deeply […]

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31 Days to Advance Your Career – Take the #Work31 Challenge

DAY 1 Identify your greatest strength. Be very specific – what distinguishes you from other people with the same strength? Write it down. If you aren’t sure, talk to some people who know you best.   DAY 2 Set a goal for one specific thing you want to have happen in your career. Write it […]

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Stop Waiting – It’s Your Turn

The Way Women Work inspiration and action Stop Waiting

As women, we’ve been told to wait… Wait until we have more education, wait until there are more of us in the workforce, wait until we’d been working longer, etc… You know what I say to everything you’ve been told to wait on?

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How do I make a career move without being labeled a “job hopper”? #AskRaniaA

South African business advice women Rania Anderson The Way Women Work

“I don’t think the stigma of being a job hopper holds true today as it it did in the past, and setting an arbitrary number of years in a role is not necessary. What is more important is…”

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3 Ways to Take Credit

One of the most important things you can do for your career is to take credit for your accomplishments. These are my top three tips on how to do just that…

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Dear Tamika from the Bahamas: Create the Opportunity #AskRaniaA

“There is a saying, “jack of all trades and master of none,” that has haunted me for 37 years…The truth is I do not know where to go from here.”

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WATCH: How to Build 360° Network for Women Entrepreneurs

Rania Anderson international speaker women entrepreneurs expert emerging markets

I want to dispel the myths that networking is tedious and drudgery. You can create a network in your own personal and fun way, in a way that works for you. And I can help. This is a Google Hangout video…

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How do I figure out what I’m passionate about? Ask Rania

“Many times I feel inspired, but not sure where to channel this energy to. It is very frustrating for me! Have you ever heard of someone that struggles with this?”

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