Finding the right mentors and sponsor is one of the biggest keys to professional success. Learn more about how to build this support today.

Male Allies: 6 Ways to Be an Ally To Women at Work

Note from Rania: Rachana Bhide, Global Talent Lead: Bloomberg Engineering and a news presenter for Bloomberg Radio London founded The Corner of the Court, a website for women share positive experiences with male allies to encourage more men to play a visible and active role in the way they work and lead with women. She shared with […]

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Tough Career Choices and the Men Who Mentored, Sponsored Me

Lourdes Lamasney

How taking a risk, my father, boss, and work partner helped accelerate my advertising career across two continents…

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What I Learned From My Mentor

Lucile suarez battan Argentina entrepreneur The Way Women Work

Lucila is an Argentinian entrepreneur whose mentor helped her answer ‘What is my passion?’ and showed her the power of mentorship.

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The Global Male Perspective on Mentoring & Sponsorship

Businessmen from the Middle East, Africa and Latin America give women advice on seeking a male mentor/sponsor relationship to help them advance their career…

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It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You: the Mentor Effect

Kenyan native Angela Oguna Oruoch is a shining example of the immense power of mentors, sponsors and a network. From Nairobi, to engineering school at University of Kansas, to her first job as an electrical engineer at a global company, it was the support along the way that gave her courage, guidance and the ability to succeed…

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For Your Entrepreneurial Toolbox: A Strong Support Network

Don’t go it alone. To be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to surround yourself with the right partners, peers, mentors, advisers, investors, friends and customers. Guest contributor Alanna Muller is sure to inspire your hunt for a strong support network.

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Paradigm Shift: Your Network as a Mentor

The importance of receiving mentoring has not diminished. If anything, it has amplified. Lovely Kumar challenges that a shift in paradigm from “Person as a Mentor” to “Network as a Mentor” is underway. Instead of concentrating on a mentor, we need to be open to learning from everyone we interact with…

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Why You Need a Reciprocal Mentor & How to Get One

We regularly hear from women who report not having mentors or knowing where to start to get the right support. With reciprocal (or peer) mentoring, two people with similar levels of achievement and ambition come together to co-mentor one another. Learn here why you need a reciprocal mentor and how you can get one today…

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Success With a Sponsor: High-Tech Jordanian Woman CEO

In the Middle East, IT is largely known as a male-dominated field. But that didn’t stop Tamara Abdel-Jaber. Ten years ago, she began her own Jordanian IT company, despite others wondering what she was thinking. In fact…

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What Tech Women in Mexico Want

I recently had a birthday – the 34th to be exact – and couldn’t t help but reflect on what my life has been and who I have become, personally and professionally. I live in Guadalajara, Mexico; I am the oldest of three; I had the chance to get a scholarship at the University of […]

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