Successful women see money as an ally. Find the helpful articles about how to make more, know your value, and negotiate with confidence.

#4 Secret to Getting Ahead: Nominate Yourself for a Promotion

I made a classic mistake that most women make: not nominating themselves for a promotion. It wasn’t until my supervisor challenged me and I changed my path. Learn from a recent Google study and how you can promote yourself more to advance in your career faster.

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3 Steps to Determining Your Value

“Let me say it again: You are not prepared unless you know the market value of your contributions. I can’t stress this enough. Why is it such a big secret? Seriously. What are you worth? What I’ve learned is, you should constantly be asking people about salary. Really wrap your arms around what work is […]

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Time to Ask for a Raise

Discussing salary is often about planting a seed and should never be about an ultimatum or threat. This is what we know about asking for a salary increase and you should ask for a raise…

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The Single Best Way to Make More Money at Work

the single best way to make more money at work The Way Women Work

A highly successful female executive shared with me a compensation strategy that she is sure has been worth at least $1 million dollars to her over her career. It’s an easy, straightforward strategy you can implement today…

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On Earning More Money

earn more money the way women work

A glimpse at women and men entrepreneurs in China, India, the U.S., and Africa, and their main motivators for starting their business: being their own boss v. earning more money. What about you?

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