We’ve found it is not as much as a work/life balance as it is a work/life blend. Read about the blend that other women have created for themselves.

How and Why Dads of Daughters Are Leaders in Women’s Advancement

Michelle Travis - Author

All men have a stake in advancing gender equality, and many men are powerful allies without having daughters. But dads of daughters are often particularly motivated to recognize the need for advancing gender equality in their workplaces, and they are uniquely well-positioned to pick up the baton and start running…

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4 Steps to Customize Your Life

The most content women I’ve met actively define how they want their work to fit into their lives. The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on your life…

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Work-Life Balance is Hard, But…

This is the topic I am asked most frequently about around the world. Here are three new thoughts I’ve had lately…

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This is Not Your Father’s Workplace

Erin Risner The Way Women Work work life balance

How I work full-time from home, spend part-time during the week with my six-month-old son, work at night, get other things done, and feel like I’m doing a pretty good job…

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Forget Work-Life Balance: 4 Work-Life Integration Strategies Around the World

Here are four approaches to work-life integration I’ve seen work for multiple women around the world – and they can work for you too!

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Virtual Assistants: an Alternative Way for Women to Get It All Done

Namrataa is a Professional Coach and founder of Life Beyond Motherhood. She explains how a hiring Virtual Assistant was a game-changer for her ‘to-do’ list, personal time, and family…

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Work and Life on Her Terms: CEO of Queen Rania Foundation

Haifa Dia Al-Attia’s path to work and life balance. For her, as the he CEO of the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, in Jordan, living it out means…

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It’s Time to Let Go of Work/Life Balance

Three steps to create more space in your life for YOU and how to take a new approach to integrate your work and life…

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Transforming Saudi Arabia: Leaving a Mark for My Daughters

Ranked third in the most powerful Arab Women in 2012, Reem Asaad earned international acclaim after campaigning to replace an all male work force in Lingerie stores in Saudi Arabia with women, giving women thousands of jobs. She writes here about the rise of women in the work force, her career path and how she manages the demands of work and family.

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Be Wildly Successful: Balance 4 Areas in Body & Business

Your business success and your personal well-being have much more common than you might guess. Dr. Michelle Robin explains the four quadrants of business and well-being and how you can balance them to achieve even greater success.

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