Be Wildly Successful: Balance 4 Areas in Body & Business

Your business success and your personal well-being have much more common than you might guess.

Both are complex, with each factor interdependent on the others for success. As a doctor, when I work with a client, I consider all four quadrants of her health and well-being during my assessment and the wellness plan we develop together.

As a business owner, when I manage and grow my business, I have to consider the four areas of organizational success. I have found that both the body and the business are wildly successful when I take a balanced approach to its care.

I have found that both the body and the business are wildly successful when I take a balanced approach to its care.

What are these four areas of well-being and business health?

The quadrants of well-being are:

  • Mechanical – This is your physical or structural body including bones, muscles, tissue and nervous system. To keep this part of your being healthy you can: exercise, move, build strength, get spinal adjustments, improve your posture (sitting, standing, sleeping), get a massage, brush your teeth.
  • Chemical – This is about body chemistry. Our bodies are dependent on the healthy intake of nutrients and the release of waste, including toxins. Eat whole, organic foods and limit processed foods. Be wary of the chemicals you put in or on your body in the form of prescription or over the counter medications, or even the ingredients in the soaps and lotions you use. Drink a lot of purified water for the health of your cells and removal of waste.
  • Energetic – Everything is energy. That is basic physics. Yet everything has energy as well, or chi. Consider removing from your home or office anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Get good sleep, meditate and practice deep breathing.
  • Spiritual/Psychological – This is your connection to higher power. It is being aware of your emotions and your personal mission or purpose in life. Spend time in gratitude. Pray or attend services if that is your faith. Tend to the relationships in your life. Volunteer and be of service.

The quadrants of business success are:

  • Operations (Mechanical) – This part of your business is the execution of the products or services you provide. Your operations need to be a well-oiled machine for success (whether machines are involved or not). It is about clearly defined processes and consistent top quality output.
  • Marketing (Chemical) – It is all about communication and getting your message across. Just like the body the quality and clarity of the messaging is dependent on clean and powerful inputs and limiting any toxic views or language.
  • Finance (Energetic) Funding and managing your money is critical to a healthy business. This can be the part of business we most easily want to avoid. It can be difficult. Yet, only when you fully embrace your finances, wherever they are in size, will your financial chi grow. The energy of your business is impacted by the alignment of your products/service to your purpose. Are you doing what you really believe you are meant to do or have you gone down a path that isn’t really your vision? Above all, the energy and finances of your business will follow delivery. Your product/service must deliver what it is promising, which is in concert with the marketing and operations, all of which makes it happen.
  • Leadership (Spiritual/Psychological) – Your career or business success must be rooted in a vision. What is your purpose and the larger vision? How will you get there? Find clarity and communicate that to your staff, team members, customers and financiers. It is from this place that you create the foundation of your business’ culture.

The body is not just your physical being; just as the business is not just its products. Both the well-being of yourself and your business are reliant on the harmony and balance of multiple factors. You will be successful at both when you take a holistic approach to their care and nurturing.

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