3 Steps to Recruit More Women

Having the best talent on your team will help you excel. When you have the best people on your team, they will better anticipate customer needs, make better business decisions and help you achieve higher levels of performance…

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2017 Cartier Award Winner, Trupti Jain, Works to Eradicate Hunger

Indian entrepreneur Trupti Jain is challenging our assumptions about solving hunger, climate change, and empowering women. She upends paradigms around customer pricing and how entrepreneurs behave. The Cartier Awards took note. Competing with 17 other finalists for one of the prestigious international awards on April 12th, Trupti (far right) was selected by the ­independent global jury […]

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Women Tech Entrepreneurs On the Rise – How I Defied the Critics

Dr. Frida Polli shares what it’s been like to be a woman entrepreneur, the sexism, reponses and rejection she’s faced along the way, the support of her co-founder, and a mom…

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Stop Waiting – It’s Your Turn

The Way Women Work inspiration and action Stop Waiting

As women, we’ve been told to wait… Wait until we have more education, wait until there are more of us in the workforce, wait until we’d been working longer, etc… You know what I say to everything you’ve been told to wait on?

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How do I make a career move without being labeled a “job hopper”? #AskRaniaA

South African business advice women Rania Anderson The Way Women Work

“I don’t think the stigma of being a job hopper holds true today as it it did in the past, and setting an arbitrary number of years in a role is not necessary. What is more important is…”

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Bold Curiosity: Celeste Stewart of South Africa

celeste stewart bold curiosity south africa

“UNDETERRED taught me to define my own success. At this point in my life, I define success on a number of different levels…”

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Are You Undeterred? Show Us & Enter to Win Free Career Coaching

Write #IAmUndeterred on your hand or a piece of paper, take a photo and upload it to social media with the hashtag! One lucky winner will win…

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7 Female Entrepreneurs Shaking Things Up Around the World

I’ve also been inspired by these female social entrepreneurs and hoped that they might inspire and bring forth new ideas in you…

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Snapshot of a Photographer from South Africa to Dubai

South African-born Anke Groenwald got her first camera when she was four-years-old and has always been “obsessed with photographs.” Now…

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Agriculture Innovation in Nigeria: Angel Adelaja, Social Entrepreneur

“Everyone wants to be a part of this new technology that makes a difference our agriculture. The social impact? We empower youth to be farmers with hydroponic technologies that make them competitive. “

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