How do I make a career move without being labeled a “job hopper”? #AskRaniaA

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Dear Rania,

How will one know when it is the right time to move to a senior position without having to be labelled a “job hopper”?

I initially told myself that I needed to stay in my current role for three years, but now after just two years, opportunities are coming my way earlier than expected and I believe I am ready.

~ T from South Africa

Dear T,

The short answer is that the right time to move to another role is when you are ready. And you said you are ready!

I don’t think the stigma of being a job hopper holds true today as it it did in the past, and setting an arbitrary number of years in a role is not necessary. What is more important is why you would want to make a move and whether you can explain it to someone who asked you about it in a credible, meaningful way.  

Ask Rania career coach send in your questions The Way Women WorkMoreover, also in your favor, is the fact you have been at the same company for eight years, which is a really good length of time to show continuity, loyalty, and progression. 

You say that the potential opportunities being presented to you are what you’ve wanted to do. If that’s the case, you absolutely should explore them. Just do your due diligence in terms of the entire scope of the opportunity compared to what you have today. This includes: the culture of the company, the scope of your role, how important that role is to the core of the business, what the future growth potential is, the strength of the team you’d be working with, possible mentors or sponsors, compensation, benefits, financial strength, etc.

Lastly, if you are being approached about these new opportunities then you are in a strong negotiating position. Be sure you do your research to know what the market is for a role like the one you are considering and make a strong case for yourself.

It is during times like this that you can make a leap versus a step forward in your career and compensation. 

Wishing you all the best!


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