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How do I make a career move without being labeled a “job hopper”? #AskRaniaA

South African business advice women Rania Anderson The Way Women Work

“I don’t think the stigma of being a job hopper holds true today as it it did in the past, and setting an arbitrary number of years in a role is not necessary. What is more important is…”

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Dear Tamika from the Bahamas: Create the Opportunity #AskRaniaA

“There is a saying, “jack of all trades and master of none,” that has haunted me for 37 years…The truth is I do not know where to go from here.”

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How do I figure out what I’m passionate about? Ask Rania

“Many times I feel inspired, but not sure where to channel this energy to. It is very frustrating for me! Have you ever heard of someone that struggles with this?”

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