Our Mission

To unleash the careers and businesses of women around the world.

3 Transformational Opportunities

Icon of an educated woman
If you’re one of the millions of highly-educated women in developing and emerging economies:

  1. You want guidance to help you succeed in your career or business, but almost all of the advice available to you is Western-centric – not culturally relevant or specific to your needs.
Icon of an educated woman
If you’re man in a leadership role:

  1. You know that women are the largest pool of untapped talent. To grow your business, learn how to tap into their potential and recruit, retain and advance more women.
Icon of an educated woman
If you’re a student graduating university:

  1. There is a gap between what you learn at university and the practical skills you need to succeed at work as well as what to do to advance in your career or succeed as an entrepreneur.


What We Do

Speaking, coaching, and strategies that equip:

  1. Women to accelerate their careers and businesses, and get into senior leadership;
  2. Men to intentionally advance women in the workplace; and
  3. University graduates to succeed in their careers and businesses.

Women, find the advice you’re seeking in our knowledge base. You would also love our book UNDETERRED: The Six Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies that interviews more than 250 successful women like you around the world.

Men, manager and leaders, if you want to help women advance at your company, contact us to learn how we can help.


We believe that the global economy can only thrive when women are equally engaged in driving and leading its prosperity! According to McKinsey, narrowing the economic gender gap will translate into an additional $12 trillion in global GDP by 2025.

We believe that the missing lever in the economic participation and leadership of women lies in equipping men to consciously advance women.

Rania is originally from the Middle East and grew up around the world. When she was 11-years-old and living in India, every day on her way to school, she saw the opportunities some girls had and others did not. Those observations never left her and she has dedicated herself to provide woman with the guidance they need to succeed.