Learn from other women’s entrepreneurial accomplishments and failures. Find inspiration and tips on how to navigate your business journey

17 Women from the 2018 World Economic Forum 100 Young Leaders

HALF of the World Economic Forum 100 Young Leaders of 2018 are women! Many are from emerging economies. We’d like to introduce you to a few of the inspiring women who earned this notable recognition. Women from every corner of the world are finding innovative ways to fill the gaps they see in their marketplaces. Leaders like […]

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Remarkable Lessons from Women Entrepreneurs Who Shut Down Their Business

Not to be missed: powerful, real lessons for any entrepreneur. Why two women entrepreneurs decided to shut down their business…

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Foundation 500 Women Entrepreneurs Exemplify Undeterred Habits

We think you’ll find this recently published 500 Foundation global survey of Women Entrepreneurs breathtaking, fascinating, and inspiring! We certainly did. 500 Foundation shares the success of women entrepreneurs in emerging economies around the world, and was created by the H&M Foundation and CARE International. Several of these entrepreneurs run not just one business, but several […]

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2017 Cartier Award Winner, Trupti Jain, Works to Eradicate Hunger

Indian entrepreneur Trupti Jain is challenging our assumptions about solving hunger, climate change, and empowering women. She upends paradigms around customer pricing and how entrepreneurs behave. The Cartier Awards took note. Competing with 17 other finalists for one of the prestigious international awards on April 12th, Trupti (far right) was selected by the ­independent global jury […]

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Focusing on Growth Through Education and Mentoring

Celeste North

We first met Celeste from Mexico four years ago. She has her eyes on big things – launching a big, international tech startup. But this is how she’s growing in the meantime…

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WATCH: How to Build 360° Network for Women Entrepreneurs

Rania Anderson international speaker women entrepreneurs expert emerging markets

I want to dispel the myths that networking is tedious and drudgery. You can create a network in your own personal and fun way, in a way that works for you. And I can help. This is a Google Hangout video…

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A Slide-by-Slide Guide to a Killer Investor Pitch

how to create a killer investor pitch slides The Way Women Work Elizabeth Kraus

Through my own experience as an investor, the best of the existing resources I found, and input from several angel investors, here is the format I’d recommend for your investor pitch, only 13-15 slides…

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The Right People Can Make or Break Your Business

Brazilian entrepreneur Monique Fernandes shared with us what she learned the hard way: a key to success is choosing the right people to work with…

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How to Grow Your Company’s Revenue 1000% in One Year

Diana Kander All in Startup

“What had I gotten myself into? I thought, ‘I can’t do $1 million in revenue, that’s impossible!'” New York Times Best-selling author Diana Kander shares a pivotal moment in her life as an entrepreneur…

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Dare in the Difficulties: a Chinese Female Entrepreneur’s Journey

Angel Xue Chinese female entrepreneur

When Angel saw shortcomings in the large corporate accounting business models, she decided to start her own firm. She shares seven key points that have guided her…

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