WATCH: How to Build 360° Network for Women Entrepreneurs


If you’re ready to unleash your potential as a woman entrepreneur, this video is for you. A few weeks ago, I participated in a Google Hangout led by Principal Investment Officer of the Multilateral Investment Fund, Susana García-Robles. We were joined by women entrepreneurs from around the world and we discussed the power of networks, how to build a network, the do’s and don’ts of networking, and how to really leverage your network! I want to dispel myths that networking is tedious and drudgery. You can create your network in a personal and fun way – in a way that works for you.

Watch the Hangout now:

Some interesting facts:

  • Mentors: 64% of men have professional mentors that help them with their business; but only 56% of women entrepreneurs leverage mentors.
  • Investors: 70% of men look for investors among family and friends; but only 40% of women look for investors among family and friends.
  • Studying abroad: 60% of men study abroad, giving them a jumpstart to building international network; but only 33% of women study abroad.

You can find more networking tips and specific networking alternatives for women in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East here.