31 Days to Advance Your Career – Take the #Work31 Challenge

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Identify your greatest strength. Be very specific – what distinguishes you from other people with the same strength? Write it down. If you aren’t sure, talk to some people who know you best.



Set a goal for one specific thing you want to have happen in your career. Write it down; Display it in a place you can see it every day.



Identify the one thing that sets you apart, the thing that makes you unique from all the people who have similar jobs and skills as you do. Write it down.



Identify the one thing you most enjoy doing at work. Write it down.



Develop your 30-second *elevator pitch that describes and differentiates you. Practice it until you can say it proudly and smoothly.

*An elevator pitch is a quick sentence or two that shows the value of what you do and generates interest for others to want to learn more about you. It is not your job title and where you work. (Example: I help women like you accelerate their career and business success.) Here’s a link to the best article I’ve seen on the topic.


Don’t apologize for a single thing today!

Tip: Put a hair tie or bracelet on one of your wrists. If you catch yourself apologizing, switch the bracelet to your other wrist and simply start over. No apologies!


Promote yourself: Tell your manager or an influential person about one of your recent achievements or ideas. Do so verbally or in writing.



Set up a meeting with or call a more junior woman. Talk with her about her work, salary or future goals.



Identify the greatest obstacle you are facing. Write it down.


DAY 10

Come up with one way to reduce or remove your greatest obstacle. Write it down.


DAY 11

Reach out to a current or former mentor and thank them for one specific thing you’ve done as a result of their advice.


DAY 12

Delegate one task to someone else that you normally do at home or at work.


DAY 13

Pick a key skill that you need to excel in your career. Then, choose something you can do to develop that skill – buy a book, sign up for a webinar, find a coach, or register for a conference or training session.


DAY 14

Set up a meeting (in person or phone) with a competitor or a colleague with the intention of learning one new thing from them.


DAY 15

Update your resume or CV with the strengths and interests you identified at the start of #Work31 as well as your most recent work experience.


Remember to use numbers to quantify your success (examples: Led a team of 12 people; Grew revenue by 15% in one year), and begin each bullet with a strong action verb (created, managed, developed, established, etc).

DAY 16

Update your LinkedIn profile with one differentiator you possess. Make sure it reflects your strengths and unique capabilities. Look at other people’s LinkedIn profiles for examples, and model after the strongest ones.


DAY 17

Endorse someone on LinkedIn. One way to build a strong network of relationships is to support the people in it. Endorsing someone, promoting or amplifying their accomplishments is an easy way to do so.


DAY 18

Read the financial statements of the place where you work. Write down one insight.


DAY 19

Find a networking event to attend outside your comfort zone and RSVP. Commit yourself to meeting one new person when you go.


DAY 20

Follow up again with one person you previously reached out to but have not heard back from.

DAY 21

In-person, via email, a phone call, or a handwritten note, thank your boss for one specific thing you appreciate about them.


DAY 22

Today, finish one task imperfectly. Remember: perfect is the enemy of done.


DAY 23

Identify one new high-potential opportunity or idea for yourself, your career, or your business. Write it down.


DAY 24

Identify one person you really want to meet and reach out them. Offer to buy them lunch or a cup of coffee, and tell them specifically why you’d like to meet with them.

DAY 25

Take full credit at work for one recent accomplishment. Don’t minimize your contribution. 


DAY 26

Introduce two people that will be helpful to each other’s careers or business.


DAY 27

Identify one lesson you learned from a mistake or failure. Write it down.


DAY 28

Choose one thing to stop doing at work or at home. If you can free yourself up from one thing, you will create space for another more important and enjoyable activity in your life!


DAY 29

Take one action related to your salary: compare compensation with a male colleague, do some research, or talk to your boss.


DAY 30

Speak up, interrupt or interject in a meeting at work with a strategic insight or idea.


DAY 31

Volunteer or ask for a risky assignment, project or job. This will help increase your visibility at work and demonstrate the value you bring.