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Succeed at Work

The 7 Best Ways To Learn

Lifelong learning doesn’t mean just taking classes, going to training or attending conferences. In her research for UNDETERRED: The Six Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies, “lifelong learning” was a key skill that Rania Anderson observed in 250 successful women across 29 countries. These women were always in a learning posture, regardless of how […]

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31 Days to Advance Your Career – Take the #Work31 Challenge

DAY 1 Identify your greatest strength. Be very specific – what distinguishes you from other people with the same strength? Write it down. If you aren’t sure, talk to some people who know you best.   DAY 2 Set a goal for one specific thing you want to have happen in your career. Write it […]

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3 Ways to Take Credit

One of the most important things you can do for your career is to take credit for your accomplishments. These are my top three tips on how to do just that…

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It’s Your Skills and Experiences That Really Matter

Let’s ask some different questions and reframe the conversation around what success looks like…

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This is Not Your Father’s Workplace

Erin Risner The Way Women Work work life balance

How I work full-time from home, spend part-time during the week with my six-month-old son, work at night, get other things done, and feel like I’m doing a pretty good job…

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What we’ve been up to: preparing to launch Rania’s new book

Today, we’re THRILLED to launch our first crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo in support of Rania’s new book we’ve been hard at work on…

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7 Business Presentation Tips For A Shy Person

7 business presentation tips for the shy person Womens Web The Way Women Work

How can someone who is nervous about speaking, develop presentation skills? Unmana Datta overcame her shyness and learned how to be a great public speaker. Here are her 7 tips for you…

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Do you understand the rules of the game?

Knowing and understanding your workplace culture is CRITICAL to your success. In this article and short video, Rania outlines the the four things you must know how to do to advance in your career…

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Ways That Work: How to Be a Great Employee & Advance

These “10 P’s” sum up what successful women do to advance and succeed in the workplace. How are you doing?

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To Win: BE – Not Do

In order to take advantage of opportunities, women must BE…

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