100 Women Building Bridges to Career Success


Over the past six months, nearly 100 ambitious women across seven cities in Ukraine met every month in a career advancement circle or book club. You won’t want to miss this powerful story from Tanya about the lives and careers that have been transformed through the program, including her own…

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Foundation 500 Women Entrepreneurs Exemplify Undeterred Habits

We think you’ll find this recently published 500 Foundation global survey of Women Entrepreneurs breathtaking, fascinating, and inspiring! We certainly did. 500 Foundation shares the success of women entrepreneurs in emerging economies around the world, and was created by the H&M Foundation and CARE International. Several of these entrepreneurs run not just one business, but several […]

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The 7 Best Ways To Learn

Lifelong learning doesn’t mean just taking classes, going to training or attending conferences. In her research for UNDETERRED: The Six Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies, “lifelong learning” was a key skill that Rania Anderson observed in 250 successful women across 29 countries. These women were always in a learning posture, regardless of how […]

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31 Days to Advance Your Career – Take the #Work31 Challenge

DAY 1 Identify your greatest strength. Be very specific – what distinguishes you from other people with the same strength? Write it down. If you aren’t sure, talk to some people who know you best.   DAY 2 Set a goal for one specific thing you want to have happen in your career. Write it […]

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Are You Undeterred? Show Us & Enter to Win Free Career Coaching

Write #IAmUndeterred on your hand or a piece of paper, take a photo and upload it to social media with the hashtag! One lucky winner will win…

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Focusing on Growth Through Education and Mentoring

Celeste North

We first met Celeste from Mexico four years ago. She has her eyes on big things – launching a big, international tech startup. But this is how she’s growing in the meantime…

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Where are they now? Update on the Undeterred women

We’ve kept in touch with many of the women from around the world featured in UNDETERRED. Here are four women who briefly share how they, their businesses, and careers have evolved!

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The Top 5 Things I Learned in 2015

I actually didn’t realize how much we’d had accomplished this year until I made myself stop and reflect on it. Here’s what I learned about women, men, and rejection…

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See Opportunity in Obstacles

Successful women The Way Women Work UNDETERRED Rania Anderon

How do you stay focused and driven when you hit obstacles in your professional path? I’m obsessed with sharing the stories of women who are succeeding despite the obstacles they face…

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Sorry, Not Sorry!

Forever 21 photo credit sorry not sorry

It’s time to break up with your bad habits. Here are some ways to speak more confidently and adopt new and better habits…

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