Rania Anderson: Leading authority on business women in growth economies

Rania Anderson

With success from accelerating the business and career success of women around the world, as an executive coach, former corporate leader and the co-founder of a women’s angel investor network, I am driven to share my expertise and experience to enable more women to succeed globally.

I have personally worked with, interviewed and met hundreds of business women around the world, distilling their path to success. Originally from the Middle East, I have lived, traveled and worked in both developing and developed countries.

My style is refreshingly direct, pragmatic and practical. I always go beyond stories, examples and research to offer key take aways and specific actions.

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Fluent in English. Conversational fluency in Arabic and Spanish.

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Rania has been invited to speak, present and participate in conferences for women from the the Middle East, Africa Latin America, and the United States. Her unique perspective is based on years of experience and research in determining precisely what approaches work for women in different parts of the world and features breakthrough insights she has developed as an executive coach, entrepreneur, senior corporate leader and angel investor. She accelerates success:

  • At conferences, panels, corporations or events internationally.
  • Through management and leadership training, including specifically developed training for women in developing and emerging economies.
  • In one-on-one Executive coaching.


  • The habits of successful women in growth economies.
  • How business and professional women in emerging and developing economies succeed.
  • How women can attain senior or executive leadership positions.
  • Working Women: The key to jump starting a thriving global economy.
  • Comparison between success strategies employed by women in the United States and developing markets.
  • Lessons and guidelines on starting a women’s angel investor network/fund that invests to invest in women-led businesses.
  • Building a strong support base including having the right network, mentors and sponsor.


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Sample Speaking Engagements

GE logo

GE Saudi Women’s Leadership SUMMIT

May 16, 2014

At GE’s world renowned leadership development campus in Crotonville, Rania presented The Six Ways Women in Emerging Economies Succeed to a group of Saudi business women. Rania shared the career strategies she’s uncovered from four years of research of successful women around the world.

Rania CX

Central Exchange

May 8, 2014

Tailored for leaders of corporate women’s networks, Rania presented Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch.This presentation explained why understanding workplace culture is key to achieving career progression and the steps women can take to actively understand themselves and their culture to succeed professionally.

We Own it Summit Logo


May 2, 2014

At the We Own It Summit, Rania moderated a salon style panel discussion titled Growing Women-Led Businesses in Emerging Economies that addressed what it will take to scale women-led businesses in developing and emerging markets. Organizations and leaders collaborate to increase women’s participation in high-growth entrepreneurship at this annual summit.

WeExchange Logo

WeXchange Summit

December 11-13, 2013

The WeXchange Summit was the first pitch conference for Latin American women entrepreneurs. Along with Silvia Torres Carbonell, Director of Entrepreneurship Center IAE Business School in Buenos Aires, Rania participated on a panel titled Win-Win for All: Investing in Women.

GWALS presentation

Global Women’s Leadership Summit (GWALS)

September & October 2013

In its first year, GWALS was predicted to be the largest women and leadership event online in the world, connecting more than 15,000 leaders, executives and managers. The Summit featured 25+ internationally renowned women who are changing the face of business . Rania presented two webinars for hundreds of women around the world in attendance: The ONE High Impact Way to Advance Your Career, and 6 Keys to Getting What You Want in Work & Life.

rania 10 c's black & veatch

Black & Veatch Women’s Leadership Event

October 12, 2012

Presented 10 C’s to the C-suite which outlines specific actions women need to take to get to senior and executive positions.

Achieving Career Meridian

2008 to Present

Achieving Career Meridian” an innovative, interactive presentation developed by Rania to help women within corporate environments clearly see and understand what it takes to manage their careers. Rania has presented the program to women at Walmart, Southern Company, Hallmark, Black & Veatch, Polsinelli Shugart and at the Central Exchange and to women entrepreneurs from Africa.

African Women’s Entrepreneurial Program

2010 & 2011

Rania was invited to present at the African Women’s Entrepreneurial Program in consecutive years, and on each occasion, she had the opportunity to speak with approximately 50 African Women Entrepreneurs who were hand-selected by the U.S. State Department from their respective countries.

Qatar International Business Women Forum

May 10-11, 2010, Doha, Qatar

Presented at the first annual Women’s Conference, with 450 professional women from across the Middle East attendees. During the forum, Rania spoke on two topics:

  1. Role of Women in Business and Investment: A Comparison between the Arab World and the West
  2. Coaching Women to Take Over Leadership in Business and Develop a Strong Image

Wall Street Journal Women in the Economy Task Force

April 2011

Rania was one of only 150 women invited by the Wall Street Journal to participate in the 2011 Women in the Economy Task Force. Task force members worked for two days discussing challenges facing women and recommending actions that could be taken by government, corporations, and women themselves. The recommendations were published in a special report of the Wall Street Journal called “A Blueprint for Change.”

The American Institute of Architects

September 23-24 2011

“Taking Your Success to the Next Level: Be More Than the Work” presented to The American Institute of Architects’ Women’s Leadership Summit 2011: Advancing Women in Leadership Position and targeted architectural firm principals and senior women in architecture.

Women’s Public Service Network

November 2, 2011

As part of the Women’s Public Service Network, Rania presented to approximately 50 Women leaders about The Role of Women in the Arab Spring. Her presentation was designed to help the audience understand the extend of Arab women’s positive influence and participation in the future of the Middle East.

Vision 2020 logo

Vision 2020

October 20-22, 2010 and October 11-13, 2011

As one of two candidates representing the State of Kansas on a 10-year national gender equality initiative, Rania participated in the annual Vision 2020 Congress. In 2011, Rania worked on a task force with the objective of increasing the number of U.S. women in senior leadership positions.

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