Women Helping Women: Share Your Successes

Tired of hearing how bad the economy is, how hard it is for women to succeed in business, and about all of the obstacles we face?

Want to know more about the countless businesswomen across the globe who are achieving lots of success and having fun while at it?

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“What if we shifted the spotlight from women’s plight to women’s progress? What if we turned our attention from what’s wrong with the system and instead analyzed what’s working for those who are succeeding? We would not be ignoring the problems, we would merely be shifting our perspective.”  – Barbara Stanny, Secrets of Six Figure Women

In her book, Secrets of Six Figure Women, Barbara Stanny challenged women to shift their perspective about making money. This blog was launched to shift the conversation to the successful ‘way women work.’

The Way Women Work is the place for successful women around the globe to share ideas, stories, strategies, tips and research.

Wide and far-reaching studies show that successful business men and women are similar in many respects. There are, however, some subtle and some obvious informative gender differences. We aim to shed the light on those similarities and differences but mostly to talk about and share successes.

Although we serve as source expertise on your professional path, we also know that the sharing of our collective knowledge and experience (yours, mine, and all successful working women) is what will guide more women to success at work.

Join us, as we are women helping women advance and achieve business and career success in emerging economies.

So, this is your opportunity to share, coach, and advise – we’d love to hear from you!

We are at an inflection point in the world, as the rising participation of women in business all over the globe represents an unrecognized disrupting market business model.

“Women’s economic empowerment is arguably the biggest social change of our time.” – The Economist (Dec 30, 2009)