Align Your Work With Your Purpose

With the goal of being the next Pixar, Randa Ayoubi, a woman entrepreneur from Jordan cre­ated Rubi­con, a global 3D ani­ma­tion and com­puter graph­ics com­pany. As its CEO and founder, Randa transformed her small ven­ture cap­i­tal project into a booming company with five inter­na­tional branches, more than 300 employ­ees, and one mission: teaching kids through play.

What were the keys to Randa’s success?

Randa Ayoubi: Illustration courtesy of Chris Burke, The National

Randa Ayoubi: Illustration courtesy of Chris Burke, The National

She has a broader purpose and vision: Guided by the goal of cre­at­ing a busi­ness with a pur­pose to teach chil­dren in the Middle East, Randa envisions much more, “I want [Rubicon] to be men­tioned in books when they talk about the Arab renaissance.”

She pursues what she knows to be true: “Kids learn best when they play,” Randa said. Along with creating Rubicon, and with the hope of  building a better world, she also pro­duced a children’s car­toon series to promote cross-cultural under­stand­ing between the Mid­dle East and the West.

She walks with confidence into challenges: Randa has her work cut out for her as she spearheads several projects in addition to Rubicon in the Mid­dle East while breaking down stereo­types of women in the region. She does so by leading by example, developing strategic partnerships and remaining undeterred by obstacles.

Her work is grounded in her knowledge and education: “I have always believed that tech­nol­ogy has the poten­tial to rev­o­lu­tionize the edu­ca­tion sys­tem. This is what prompted me to start Rubi­con. I wanted it to become a means to amal­ga­mate tech­nol­ogy and edu­ca­tion. Ini­tially we made CD-Roms for school­child­ren and preschool­ers and grad­u­ally branched out and began pro­duc­ing edu­tain­ment con­tent and movies for television.” Randa holds an Exec­u­tive MBA from Har­vard Busi­ness School and a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science.

Her community involvement aligns with her vision and her business goals.  Among her many civic activities, Randa serves on the Royal Com­mis­sion for Edu­ca­tion Reform in Jor­dan and on the Board of Trustees of the Children’s Museum in Amman the first museum in the Mid­dle East ded­i­cated to children.

What key lesson can we draw from Randa’s successes?
Align your work with your purpose and actions.

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