How Thought Partners Add Value to Your Business

There is something new on my radar that I haven’t heard discussed.

As I study successful business people and entrepreneurs, I find that in addition to having strong mentors and sponsors, they also have what I have come to call, “Thought Partners.”  Thought Partners are people who possess information, knowledge, or a way of thinking that challenges and provokes divergent thinking and action for you.  As described in my guest article in Forbes, Thought Partners can be of great benefit to you and your business or career.

Thought Partner conversations take many forms. Rania Anderson with her “Be Bold” Thought Partner.

To get the greatest value from a Thought Partner, engage with them around a topic, idea, problem or opportunity. The key is to just let the conversation flow. Just listen closely to its rhythm and go with it where it wants to go. Like a jam session between two musicians, no one knows at the outset what the song will become. Like jazz, when two people play off one another they create something entirely new and different.

We’d love to hear about what new ideas you have generated with your Thought Partners. Read the full article in Forbes.