I was always dreaming big…

I was always dreaming big. It sounds simple, primitive, repeated zillion times, but that’s the main point. I always knew I would have enough money, enough happiness, and more than enough satisfaction with my life.

How do you know when it’s enough? Or, more precisely, how do you know what steps to take in order to achieve that level of happiness, which we all dream about?

Deep inside we all know what’s good for us and what’s not. We all have that invisible compass, that intangible force which guides our compass needle to True North. Each of us may have a different definition of success, but we all have the opportunity to create our own future, to clarify and visualize our desired end results, to prepare by seeking models, methods, and tools that create success as we define it, to wake up every day excited to be alive, and to live a life of passion. I am saying this, ladies. It is true. I checked it. I know it.

That doesn’t mean I had all the confidence in the world and was very sure of myself since the very beginning. I just have a repeated habit of stopping and making sure that everything I am doing right now is really what makes me happy.

I just have a repeated habit of stopping and making sure that everything I am doing right now is really what makes me happy.

I was doing it when I was living in a small city in Siberia. I didn’t like the environment, people around didn’t make me happy, and I moved. With zero money in my pockets and almost no language skills I came to US to win the world.

I kept stopping and checking the level of my inner happiness when I struggled with US immigration, no work, relatives, friends and everything else I needed to be comfortable. I read countless books at the local library about the lives of the successful entrepreneurs – I knew I was one of them.

I listened closely to my heart when I picked the best man in the world to marry. I followed my True North precisely. I now have two kids and a very happy marriage.

I meticulously listed everything that I dreamt about and made a promise to myself to take one step a day toward my dreams. One step a day. Open up the list. And do one little, tiny, wee step a day. Just a little call. Just a small conversation. Just one slide for the presentation.

I ended up raising $3 million, having my own start-up, surrounding myself with the best people, having the brightest team, and pursuing my dream. There are still lots of desires unfilled, but I am definitely enjoying the way alongside.

I am not bold-hearted. I am just standing up for my beliefs. And so should you, ladies – so should you.


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