Ellas²: Women Tech Entrepreneurs Enhance Latin American Ecosystem

patricia araque ellas2If you want to learn about the entrepreneurial eco-system in Latin America, call Patricia Araque, the founder of Ellas².

And, if you want to understand not just the regional picture but distinct differences between the entrepreneurial and economic landscape in each country in the region, just keep talking to her.

Patricia will tell you about how in Mexico, entrepreneurial growth is organic and that 80% of professional women are single mothers. That, Uruguay is the most socially advanced country in the region with structures and polices that are supportive for women entrepreneurs. That in Colombia, the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem is dynamic because of the set aside from petroleum revenues for innovation. She’ll explain how the current economic climate in Argentina with inflation and currency issues is impacting Argentinian businesses.

LOGO ELLAS II_ok copyFounded in 2009, Ellas² is a platform that supports and enhances technology-based female entrepreneurship in the Hispanic world. Patricia and her organization connect entrepreneurs and with the resources they need to succeed in their business.

Ellas² serves its members in three primary ways:

  1. Ellas Conectan: weekly online meeting and connecting entrepreneurs in the Hispanic world around a specific topic
  2. Ellas Conectan Live: Networking events where participants can interact, publicize their businesses and connect with resources.
  3. Ellas Conectan Global: In collaboration with Wayra, an ICT accelerator, networking meetings that occur simultaneously in different cities in Spain and Latin America.

Patricia, whose background is in marketing and in the press offices of technology companies, decided to leave the corporate world to become an entrepreneur. She started by opening a language school in 2003 and then expanded to establishing Ellas². Patricia believes in the idea that women and technology will be able to change the world, balancing it and making it the fair place it should be.

So, if you are a woman entrepreneur in the Hispanic world or otherwise interested in entrepreneurial activity in Spain and Latin America join Ellas² here to receive their full benefits and support.

Be sure to follow Patricia on Twitter and Ellas² on Twitter and Facebook.

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