One Thing You Can Do for International Women’s Day

women helping women International Women's Day 2014 The Way Women Work

Here is ONE thing you can do this week for International Women’s Day:

Help another woman! 

We know you already do. We encourage you to also try one of the ideas below.

1) Send a link to our website to a woman you know.

Do you know:

  • A young woman starting her career (or about to), who needs some encouragement or inspiration?
  • A woman who wants a new job and could use some career advice?
  • A passionate woman who is seeking business advice and support?
  • A discouraged woman who would be energized by reading the stories of highly successful women?

Send her to The Way Women Work! She’ll find the tools, tips and advice she needs.

2) If you can take a little additional time helping another woman more directly, here are a few ideas:

  • Tell your boss about a recent accomplishment of a woman on your team.
  • Take a woman to coffee or tea to talk about your jobs, salary and future goals.
  • Sit down with a woman and create a professional development plan.
  • Mentor her.
  • Write a thank you note to a woman who has helped you.
  • Sit down with a woman you trust and practice asking for a raise or something you want
  • Recommend a woman for a position or job


Empower the women around you – lift them too, as you rise and succeed!


  • Use the hashtag #womenhelpingwomen and #thewaywomenwork on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Follow @WomensDay and @TheWayWomenWork for updates this week.
  • Tweet, post & pass along The Way Women Work. (And please let us know what you think about our new website.)

Thank you for your example and leadership!

Happy International Women’s Day,

Rania & Erin 

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