What Women in Emerging Economies Need

the way women work business education and professional development for women in emerging economiesThis week, the Financial Times (FT) published a great piece written by Sarah Murray bringing attention to a critical missing piece in the lives of women in emerging economies: ready access to business education and professional development.

“For millions of female entrepreneurs in emerging markets, the fees, travel costs and time away from the company mean these kinds of courses are out of reach…Some argue that for these women what is needed is not formal classroom training but on-demand content accessed via mobile devices.”

Yes! You – both highly-educated working women (corporate and entrepreneurs), current stay-at-home moms or young women who just graduated in growth economies have voiced the same thing to me over the past decade. This is exactly why I created The Way Women Work.

The FT article went on to say: “Women have no time, and it’s worse in developing countries, where it’s hard to get things done and women spend a lot of time stuck in traffic. If you can reach them there [with mobile technology], then you’re on to something.”

We are doing our part to bridge the gap between your education and successful participation in the work you choose. Seek us out as a guide as you continue to grow professionally. This site and my upcoming book was created specifically for you, so that despite barriers such as time, travel, or money, you can get quick, on-demand, and free access to the expert business and career advice you’re seeking. We are mobile and tablet friendly, so you can access what you need, whenever you like.


Be sure to check out all the other fantastic global resources we’ve rounded up that will also help you. If you have additional ways we can support you, please let us know.

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