New Dell Study: Best Place to be a Woman Entrepreneur Globally

New Dell Study Best Place to be a Woman Entrepreneur Globally The Way Women WorkLast week, a new study was released by Dell, The Gender-Global Entrepreneurial Development Index (GEDI). In response to its findings, Rania provided four actions female entrepreneurs can take (no matter what country you’re in!) that was published on The NextWomen Business Magazine – Don’t Be Discouraged: 4 Actions Women Entrepreneurs Can Take Now:

“[The study] revealed that more than 75% of the 30 countries surveyed are not providing the most fundamental conditions required for female entrepreneurs to prosper. Even more troubling, emerging economies are much further behind than advanced economies in creating the conditions that enable businesses founded by women to thrive.

The report correctly directs policy makers and institutions to work on improving conditions for female entrepreneurs on several fronts, simultaneously. In the interim, what actions can YOU personally take to enable your own business success?”


Out of the 30 countries surveyed, the best place to be a woman entrepreneur was (based on a 100 point scale):

USA (83)
Australia (80)
Sweden (73)
France (67)
Germany (67)
Chile (55)
United Kingdom (54)
Poland (51)
Spain (49)
Mexico (43)

And while every country had a great deal of improving to do to cultivate a better environment for female entrepreneurs, these countries were ranked at the bottom:

Malaysia (32)
Jamaica (30)
Nigeria (29)
Morocco (27)
Ghana (27)
India (26)
Uganda (19)
Egypt (19)
Bangladesh (17)
Pakistan (11)

Read more about the study here. And remember – no matter where you live, there are things you can do NOW to work towards your business success! 

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