How RiseAssist is Building a Network of Female Freelancers in UAE

During her corporate career in the UAE and while she pursued her own higher education, Madina Akhmedova met many women who were frustrated with their career’s progress.

In 2016, Madina read a statistic reported by Nabbesh (one of the largest freelance marketplaces in the Arab world) that there was 40% increase in the number of freelancers being hired by UAE companies.

Working in this fast developing economy, she saw an opportunity to create new career opportunities for women. She had became interested and passionate about education and helping women after her own educational journey of getting a BA (Foreign Languages), an MPsych and MIB (Strategic Marketing). So, she decided to combine her passion for education and women to help women reach their goals.

“I decided to help women benefit from the increasing demand,” Madina said.

 Madina Akhmedova RiseAssist UAE

Madina founded RiseAssist in 2016 to train and empower women looking for new ways to work. Her goal is to provide both fast-track and longer term services for residents of UAE who want to start a new career or have flexible freelance work.

“Working mums need to make a living while trying to manage their children, home, and personal life. Virtual Assistance not only offers the opportunity for flexible work, but work in general.”

RiseAssist UAE The Way Women WorkUnderstanding that a diverse economy means diverse skill sets, RiseAssist offers both direct educational programing and educational consulting to its clients. By employing UAE university education system veterans, clients are offered a unique inside perspective on selecting the best university program for their career goals and dreams. The popular Virtual Assisting Course was developed out of almost a year’s research on career trends and interviews with over 100 entrepreneurs. It focuses on developing three critical success components: mindset, skill set, and client management.

“We already have many success stories. One of our first students, Cristina Instrati ( took the leap into VA copywriting despite moments of doubt. Now, she works with female entrepreneurs all over the world, helping them to emotionally connect with their audience and increase their sales and income.”

Madina released her first educational e-book in May 2017, which you can download now called “How to become a Virtual Assistant Solopreneur in the UAE.”

RiseAssist is growing in their goal to train an empowered entrepreneurial workforce that can meet the rising global demand for remote support services. Read more about their work here and follow them on Facebook!

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