How to Run a Meeting that Incorporates All Points of View

how to run a diverse meeting the way women work

Here are a eight ways to amplify the voices of your team members whose input is not regularly heard or hasn’t been appropriately considered…

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4 Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs Making Their Mark in the United States

The Way WoMen Work was initially created as a resource and network for business women and entrepreneurs in emerging economies. But, during a time when the plight and role of immigrants in the U.S. is under assault, it is impossible for us not to make connections between the immigrant women in the diaspora and their […]

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17 Women from the 2018 World Economic Forum 100 Young Leaders

HALF of the World Economic Forum 100 Young Leaders of 2018 are women! Many are from emerging economies. We’d like to introduce you to a few of the inspiring women who earned this notable recognition. Women from every corner of the world are finding innovative ways to fill the gaps they see in their marketplaces. Leaders like […]

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