Getting to the Top: Career Advice from a Chinese Businesswoman

Crystal believes that these four key behaviors enable a businesswoman in to succeed…

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Dare in the Difficulties: a Chinese Female Entrepreneur’s Journey

Angel Xue Chinese female entrepreneur

When Angel saw shortcomings in the large corporate accounting business models, she decided to start her own firm. She shares seven key points that have guided her…

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How Liheng Bai is Reshaping the College Counseling Industry in China

Right now in China, many high school students applying for college tend to focus on the prestige of the school instead of a good fit. But Liheng Bai is changing this trend and instead…

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How Two Women in Shanghai Got Started in Their Careers

Shanghai, China, is the most populated city in the world. We caught up with two of Shanghai’s professional working women who share how they found jobs they enjoy, as well as their advice to other women…

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The 3 Kinds of People in the World: Women, Men & Women with a PhD

Qian Liu China The Economist The Way Women Work

Qian Liu has now been with The Economist in China for six years. She shares her perspective on what life is like for working women in China, and how she has come about her professional success…

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Think Big, Move Fast: Advice to Professional Women in China

抄送 Yvonne Chow gives insight into the lives of professional women in China, how she has held many different roles at Polymer Group Inc (PGI), and her advice…

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Female Chinese Journalist Relies on Intuition, Perseverance, Results

My entry into the journalism field was by coincidence, but also intuitive. I returned to my hometown, Shanghai, in late 2006…

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From Strategy to Startup: One Chinese Woman’s Journey

michelle wang capvision china the way women work sq

With corporate, international and startup experience, Michelle Wang was drawn to the startup environment. She has overcome challenges by having an open mind …

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The Only Thing That Limits Us is Ourselves: Zhang Xin’s Story

Zhang Xin’s incredible story is living proof that truly, nothing is impossible: the only thing that limits us is ourselves. Named by Forbes as not just one of China’s, but one of the world’s Top 10 self-made women…

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Push Forward No Matter the Outcome

joanna tan china the way women work

Joanna Tan’s determination helped her build a real estate empire. Founded in Beijing in 1998, her company Joanna Real Estate (JRE) has grown into the number one relocation service in China, a far cry from her start as a secretary in 1990. Joanna’s determination was apparent from the beginning of her professional career when she […]

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