Learn from other women’s entrepreneurial accomplishments and failures. Find inspiration and tips on how to navigate your business journey

Dare in the Difficulties: a Chinese Female Entrepreneur’s Journey

Angel Xue Chinese female entrepreneur

When Angel saw shortcomings in the large corporate accounting business models, she decided to start her own firm. She shares seven key points that have guided her…

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What it was like to say ‘we failed’ & shut down our startup

unmana datta

Indian marketing professional Unmana Datta shares her entrepreneurial journey and what it was like to try and fail…

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Embracing Failure as an Entrepreneur

Hope Mwinzi Afropreneur Kenya The Way Women Work

“Just to be clear, a startup isn’t sexy at all.” Kenyan entrepreneur Hope Mwinzi talks about how radically her view of failure has changed over the past eight years…

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The Future Economic Engine of Latin America: Women Entrepreneurs

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11.56.01 AM

Surprising findings from the strong engine of women entrepreneurs in Latin America, and the way their investment and growth will stabilize emerging markets…

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To Become an Entrepreneur, Get Rid of Your TV


How Indian entrepreneurs Unmana Datta and her husband came to start their business. She provides four ways you can reduce distractions to be more productive…

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Why Women Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets Need to Know BiD Network

bid network

High-growth entrepreneurs in emerging economies can connect with investors, coaches, mentors at more through BiD Network….

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How Ishita Gupta Made (Your) Fear Her Business

ishita gupta sq

Entrepreneur Ishita Gupta tells us how she found success by taking action when she felt fear, training to build her confidence, and surrounding herself with like-minded people…

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Think Medium: 6 Ways to Grow Your Business


There aren’t just two business sizes small and large. There’s also medium. Here’s how you can grow yours…

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5 Predictors of Entrepreneurial Activity Around the World


Findings from the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report show that your attitude is a key determinant of your business success…

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What Separates the Successful: Staying Power & the ‘WHY’


Two overlooked reasons that entrepreneurs are successful: perseverance and their ‘why’. Watch this TED Talk by Simon Sinek and learn from my personal entrepreneurial experience to help you on yours.

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