Put Yourself at the Center of Your Life


This week is International Women’s Day and the theme is Make it Happen. I want to challenge you to…

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Define Your Own Success


Don’t let anyone put their definition of success on you. As you create a definition of success for yourself, ask yourself three questions…

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He aquí un secreto que aprendí después de cuatro años de investigación y entrevistas: todas las mujeres profesionalmente exitosas en África, Asia, América Latina, Europa del Este y Medio Oriente comparten un rasgo común…

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Ambitious, Educated Women: This is YOUR Time


Right now, these four forces are working together to create this extraordinary time for you…

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Challenging Women Who Say “But I’m Not Successful!”


Over the past four years, we’ve asked hundreds of women about their success; yet many say they don’t feel successful. We disagree. Here’s why…

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UNDETERRED the book is OUT! Published & now shipping globally


250 successful women, 29 countries, 4 years of research, 6 success habits uncovered, 1.5 years of writing…

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Getting to the Top: Career Advice from a Chinese Businesswoman


Crystal believes that these four key behaviors enable a businesswoman in to succeed…

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What is an Undeterred Woman?


Here’s a secret I learned after four years of research and interviews: women professionally thriving…

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Fearless & Flexible: Winnifred Selby’s African Socio-Ecological Business


This 19-year-old entrepreneur is focused on disrupting the status quo for youth in Ghana, especially for women…

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My Business Impact in Ghana through Clinton Global Initiative University


As a student at the Christian Service University, I learned of the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) which engages the next generation of world leaders on college campuses to take concrete steps to address global challenges. So, I made a commitment in 2010 with my co-founders to use bamboo to produce bicycles. Our project was accepted. […]

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