The 3 Kinds of People in the World: Women, Men & Women with a PhD

Qian Liu China The Economist The Way Women Work

Qian Liu has now been with The Economist in China for six years. She shares her perspective on what life is like for working women in China, and how she has come about her professional success…

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7 Business Presentation Tips For A Shy Person

7 business presentation tips for the shy person Womens Web The Way Women Work

How can someone who is nervous about speaking, develop presentation skills? Unmana Datta overcame her shyness and learned how to be a great public speaker. Here are her 7 tips for you…

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Don’t Let Your Mistakes Stress You Out


Young in her career, Christine has already learned some huge professional and personal lessons as she pursues her dream of becoming a writer. In the Philippines…

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Work and Life in Malaysia for a Female IT Project Director

Pat D Cruz Female IT Director Malaysia The Way Women Work interview

Patricea shares what has helped her achieve career success, the obstacles she’s overcome, and what its like for working women in Malaysia today…

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Do you understand the rules of the game?

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 6.43.23 PM

Knowing and understanding your workplace culture is CRITICAL to your success. In this article and short video, Rania outlines the the four things you must know how to do to advance in your career…

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From Corporate to Entrepreneurship in the Middle East

Leila sq

Originally from Algeria, Leila Rezaiguia has followed her fierce drive, overcome professional hardships and taken risks that have led her to this new exciting time in her career and life…

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What Women in India Want, Think & Do to Succeed (PT 3)

Freyaz Shroff

Freyaz Shroff created her startup after several humanitarian and professional initiatives. She shares her three success mantras: meditation, weekly planning, and…

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What Women in India Want, Think & Do to Succeed (PT 2)

Dharmendar Kanwar writer, heritage conservationist and promoter of tourism in Rajasthan India The Way Women Work interview

Dharmendar Kanwar is a full-time writer, heritage conservationist and promoter of tourism in Rajasthan, India: “There really is no short-cut to success; it is only dedication that puts you above the rest…”

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What Women in India Want, Think & Do to Succeed (PT 1)

Neera Saggi Chief Executive of L&T Seawoods Pvt. Ltd. (LTSPL) interview The Way Women Work

Neera Saggi has worked in government for 28 years: “It’s important not to say what others want to hear. But how you say it is crucial. You must always be who you are or else at some point you will fall apart…”

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Perseverance, Opportunity Creation Pays Off for Russia’s Alena Vladimirskaya

Alena Vladimirskaya Russia Pruffi Founder and CEO The Way Women Work interview 2

From her lowest point of being a new and single mom, and having to leave her dream job, to becoming a well known headhunter and entrepreneur in Russia, Alena shares her path to success…

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