Helping Women Build Relationships for Professional Success in Chile


It’s all about the power of personal relationships for the International Professional Women’s Association (IPWA) Santiago in Chile. Its two new co-presidents…

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It’s Costing All of Us: The Global Gender Gap

World Economic Forum

Today, The World Economic Forum (WEF) released its 2014 Global Gender Gap Report. Can you believe that no country in the world has…

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What we’ve been up to: preparing to launch Rania’s new book

erin and rania sq

Today, we’re THRILLED to launch our first crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo in support of Rania’s new book we’ve been hard at work on…

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WEAmericas Peruvian Business Owner Strives to Expand

yli feature

For Yliana, her business success in Peru grew out of difficult life circumstances. But now, it’s become a community investment…

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4 Steps to Overcoming Your Doubts

overcoming your doubts

If you’re a woman pushing your professional limits, you are familiar with self-doubt. Women from Saudi Arabia, Nicaragua, and China have shared these common themes that help them overcome self-doubt…

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How Liheng Bai is Reshaping the College Counseling Industry in China

Liheng Bai Boston

Right now in China, many high school students applying for college tend to focus on the prestige of the school instead of a good fit. But Liheng Bai is changing this trend and instead…

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How Two Women in Shanghai Got Started in Their Careers

Coral sq

Shanghai, China, is the most populated city in the world. We caught up with two of Shanghai’s professional working women who share how they found jobs they enjoy, as well as their advice to other women…

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Growing Opportunities for Women in the Middle East

women in the middle east job opportunities The Way Women Work

The Middle East is booming with job opportunities for women. Here are some specific job sectors that are growing the most…

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Get the Job You Want (Part 3): Strong Follow Up Strategies

7 ways to follow up get the job you want The Way Women Work Rania Anderson

What do should you do after your interview while you wait to hear back? Six strong follow up strategies to show your persistence and value…

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How Lack of Safety Impacts Professional Women in India

lack of safety in india The Way Women Work

Four professional Indian women share their experiences on the lack of safety in India and what is and is not being done about it. Here are some actions women can take on their own to be more safe…

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