Forget Work-Life Balance: 4 Work-Life Integration Strategies Around the World


Here are four approaches to work-life integration I’ve seen work for multiple women around the world – and they can work for you too!

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Interview with Mansi Gupta, Female CEO in India

Mansi Gupta CEO of Tjori India

As founder and CEO of growing designer handmade goods brand Tjori, Mansi shares a glimpse into her life as an entrepreneur…

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Do you have a 360° Network?

networking in out down up across The Way Women Work career business advice

The mistake most women and men make in networking? They only interact with people they know, with people just like themselves and with people…

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An Inspiring Afternoon With Rania Habiby Anderson

Ayanda Sepamla South Africa The Way Women Work

By the time she had finished, the whole room was filled with emotion and there was a strong sense that for us women in South Africa, a developing nation with all of its highs and lows, that anything was possible…

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Woman CEO in a Traditionally Male Industry

Tamar sq

To successfully run a business in livestock science – a largely male-dominated field – Tamar Qachashvili…

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South African Women Climbing to Leadership

olivia timothy sq

More can be done by corporates in South Africa to empower more women within their organisations, and women can do more to start asserting their place…

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3 Things Ambitious Women Want to Know

3 things women want to know sq

There was never enough time to answer all of the questions that I was asked last month in South Africa. Woman after woman raised her voice…

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Leading Progress for Women and Equality in the Republic of Georgia

gwba logo

Founded only last year, the Georgian Women Business Association (GWBA) hasn’t wasted any time in working for progress. With 45 members…

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How to Prepare Yourself for These 5 Challenges of Working Abroad


If working abroad is what can take you to your dream job or to the next level in your career, don’t let your fears stop you. Here are five common challenges

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Sold-out events in South Africa: from university students to business women

Rania Anderson South Africa speaking tour May 2015 Undeterred

A few weeks ago, Rania toured Cape Town and Johannesburg, speaking at six events sponsored by global companies and local universities. I was blown away by….

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