Perseverance, Opportunity Creation Pays Off for Russia’s Alena Vladimirskaya

Alena Vladimirskaya Russia Pruffi Founder and CEO The Way Women Work interview 2

From her lowest point of being a new and single mom, and having to leave her dream job, to becoming a well known headhunter and entrepreneur in Russia, Alena shares her path to success…

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Female Founder of Russian Study Abroad Startup Begins with $300K


After studying and living in London, New York City and Spain, Sasha naturally began to help her peers in university find similar opportunities. Before she knew it, it became a passion and her business…

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Argentinian Entrepreneur Marta Harff Knows the Sweet Smell of Success

Marta Harff

Now 65-years-old and a seasoned entrepreneur with more than four decades of experience, Marta’s success has been hard-earned. This is some of her advice, hardships, and triumphs…

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How a Female Russian Entrepreneur Grew Her Company to 20,000 Employees

Margarita Avdeeva Russia The Way Women Work founder of Ronova

Margarita Avdeeva shares what it is like as a female Russian entrepreneur over the past two decades, how she grew her company and created a new market for professional cleaning at the time…

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How One Corporate Indian Woman Became CEO


Shalini’s career path is absolutely the “best” way to get to the top, and its something very few women do. Learn how she became CEO of a PepsiCo company…

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What I Learned From My Mentor

Lucile suarez battan Argentina entrepreneur The Way Women Work

Lucila is an Argentinian entrepreneur whose mentor helped her answer ‘What is my passion?’ and showed her the power of mentorship.

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Virtual Assistants: an Alternative Way for Women to Get It All Done


Namrataa is a Professional Coach and founder of Life Beyond Motherhood. She explains how a hiring Virtual Assistant was a game-changer for her ‘to-do’ list, personal time, and family…

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Work and Life on Her Terms: CEO of Queen Rania Foundation


Haifa Dia Al-Attia’s path to work and life balance. For her, as the he CEO of the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, in Jordan, living it out means…

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Female Russian Mobile Tech Entrepreneur Adapts to Succeed

Yoanna Gouchtchina

Yoanna Gouchtchina reveals her greatest challenge, path to entrepreneurship, and mantra: “Never stop, never get comfortable, adjust to the change quickly.”

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Why Argentinian Woman CEO Makes Mentoring a Priority

Maria Luisa Fulgueira Argentina successful woman CEO The Way Women Work

Every week, CEO and entrepreneur Maria Luisa Fulgueira dedicates 10 hours to mentoring young people. How is this possible? Why? She shares…

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