4 Steps to Customize Your Life

don't compare TheWayWomenWork

The most content women I’ve met actively define how they want their work to fit into their lives. The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on your life…

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Courage is a Choice

young women in coffee shop

Courage is a choice. It can help you lead powerful change in 2016. Here’s how…

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UAE Female Game Developer Gets to the Next Level

fakhra sq

Fakhra’s love of video games became her career path; see how this app developer, game designer, and entrepreneur is making her mark…

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The Top 5 Things I Learned in 2015

rania 3 shifts at WIL economic forum

I actually didn’t realize how much we’d had accomplished this year until I made myself stop and reflect on it. Here’s what I learned about women, men, and rejection…

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Work-Life Balance is Hard, But…

work life ishard but

This is the topic I am asked most frequently about around the world. Here are three new thoughts I’ve had lately…

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See Opportunity in Obstacles

Successful women The Way Women Work UNDETERRED Rania Anderon

How do you stay focused and driven when you hit obstacles in your professional path? I’m obsessed with sharing the stories of women who are succeeding despite the obstacles they face…

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Helping Women’s Products Fly Off the Shelf in Uganda

hadijah sq

One of the warmest and most dedicated young women I’ve met, Hadijah Nankanja, is teaching women how to position their products so they can be sold in retail outlets and stores. She also…

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Sorry, Not Sorry!

Forever 21 photo credit sorry not sorry

It’s time to break up with your bad habits. Here are some ways to speak more confidently and adopt new and better habits…

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A Slide-by-Slide Guide to a Killer Investor Pitch

how to create a killer investor pitch slides The Way Women Work Elizabeth Kraus

Through my own experience as an investor, the best of the existing resources I found, and input from several angel investors, here is the format I’d recommend for your investor pitch, only 13-15 slides…

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The Right People Can Make or Break Your Business


Brazilian entrepreneur Monique Fernandes shared with us what she learned the hard way: a key to success is choosing the right people to work with…

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