Helping Women’s Products Fly Off the Shelf in Uganda

hadijah sq

One of the warmest and most dedicated young women I’ve met, Hadijah Nankanja, is teaching women how to position their products so they can be sold in retail outlets and stores. She also…

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An Inspiring Afternoon With Rania Habiby Anderson

Ayanda Sepamla South Africa The Way Women Work

By the time she had finished, the whole room was filled with emotion and there was a strong sense that for us women in South Africa, a developing nation with all of its highs and lows, that anything was possible…

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South African Women Climbing to Leadership

olivia timothy sq

More can be done by corporates in South Africa to empower more women within their organisations, and women can do more to start asserting their place…

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Sold-out events in South Africa: from university students to business women

Rania Anderson South Africa speaking tour May 2015 Undeterred

A few weeks ago, Rania toured Cape Town and Johannesburg, speaking at six events sponsored by global companies and local universities. I was blown away by….

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6 Career Questions You Must Ask Yourself

vera sq

From time to time, it helps to check in with yourself and see that you are where you wish to be career-wise…

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Leading Ghana Women in Business & Leadership

anita pic

Anita Wiafe-Asinor has a big vision. This is how she is uniting women entrepreneurs and business leaders in Ghana….

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Fearless & Flexible: Winnifred Selby’s African Socio-Ecological Business


This 19-year-old entrepreneur is focused on disrupting the status quo for youth in Ghana, especially for women…

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My Business Impact in Ghana through Clinton Global Initiative University


As a student at the Christian Service University, I learned of the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) which engages the next generation of world leaders on college campuses to take concrete steps to address global challenges. So, I made a commitment in 2010 with my co-founders to use bamboo to produce bicycles. Our project was accepted. […]

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Embracing Failure as an Entrepreneur

Hope Mwinzi Afropreneur Kenya The Way Women Work

“Just to be clear, a startup isn’t sexy at all.” Kenyan entrepreneur Hope Mwinzi talks about how radically her view of failure has changed over the past eight years…

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Interview with Female Partner & Exec Head of People (HR) at KPMG, Africa

tantie fubu kpmg africa The Way Women Work

Tantaswa Fubu talks about her role at KPMG, how she’s overcome professional challenges, and her advice to other women who want to advance in their careers…

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