Eastern Europe

Chivas The Venture Finalist, Entrepreneur Agneiszka Osytek

migam agnieszka osytek poland chivas the venture finalist july 2016

This week, social entrepreneur from Poland, Agnieszka Osytek is one of 27 finalists out of 2,500 entrepreneur applicants for the Chivas – The Venture, a competition with a $1 million fund for startups with the goal to transform the world.

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Woman CEO in a Traditionally Male Industry

Tamar sq

To successfully run a business in livestock science – a largely male-dominated field – Tamar Qachashvili…

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Inspiring Confidence and Solutions in the Women of Georgia

nutsa cu sp

Nutsa, an International Relations student at a university in the Republic of Georgia, shares her observations of students and businesswomen around the country during Rania’s March visit…

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Maybe Being a Woman is Just Good Enough

Mariam sq

“I’ve been raised with the idea that being a woman is a blessing. ” Mariam from the Republic of Georgia shares in a series of charming stories how she has worked to prove herself in running and in pursuing business…

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The Real Truth About “Having It All”

gordana croatia

Bestselling author Gordana Frgačić speaks to the heart as she tells women what “having it all” really means in work/life balance and the true definition of true success…

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The New Normal: Women in ICT, Female Entrepreneurs in Bulgaria

bcwt bulgaria women in tech

The Bulgarian Center of Women in Technology (BCWT) has noticed some very encouraging trends when it comes to women in business and technology…

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Croatian Entrepreneur Launches ‘The App that Loves Your Boobs’

ana kolarevic sizem founder croatia

Ana Kolarević decided to use technology to solve both a personal and universal problem for women – finding the right bra size.

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Interview with Croatia’s Progressive Woman Entrepreneur

maja jelisic cooper croatia

After a decade of thriving in a corporate career, Maja Jelisic Cooper felt like she was capable of more…

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Taking Business Women to the Next Level in Croatia: Women in Adria


What began as a LinkedIn group quickly evolved into the first business brand for women entrepreneurs and corporate women in South-Eastern Europe.

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Unleashing Women Entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe: MI-BOSPO

mi bospo

In a war-torn, post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina, women are establishing new businesses at an accelerated pace…

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