Woman CEO in a Traditionally Male Industry

To successfully run a business in livestock science – a largely male-dominated field – Tamar Qachashvili embodies the no-nonsense resilience that characterizes many women pioneering their way in developing economies.

Having grown up in a farming family in the Republic of Georgia, Tamar didn’t plan to run a agricultural business. But when she began observing ways her experience and skills could meet the needs of the livestock farmers in her area, she started a company that “had only one goal — to help farmers in their hardship.” Launched in 2006, Caucasus Genetics is an agribusiness combining dairy experts, breeding consultants, and Artificial Insemination (AI) specialists to provide high-quality AI products to dairy and agricultural farmers around Georgia.

Tamar Qachashvili Republic of Georgia agribusiness Caucasus GeneticsThere have been constant challenges in starting and running her business, but Tamar does not attribute any of them to being a woman in the industry. She believes that because she hasn’t presented herself any differently as a woman and has stepped confidently into a leadership and management role, she has had little trouble with gender-related obstacles.

On the contrary, she feels that because her company has a woman CEO, it often draws more interest, from clients who are curious to see how she handles and addresses their needs.

Though Tamar says Georgia is an old, traditional country, she hasn’t allowed “the old views that [often] stand in the way of progress” to impede her in the slightest.” She urges other women to develop a fighting mentality, to push past the old views, judgement, and clichés in the culture. “None of this is easy but it is quite doable! Your hard work, experience and example are vital for your country’s economy and social development.”

“Your hard work, experience and example are vital for your country’s economy and social development.”

Business success depends on the entrepreneur’s bravery and resilience, Tamar said. “Perseverance is the main feature of successful person – you have to get back on your feet as many times as life knocks you down.” Undeterred by the daily challenges in her industry, Tamar has come to believe that her failures have made her stronger. “Failures can always help move us forward if they are analyzed correctly. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and every problem and difficulty has been the platform for my next level of success.”

“I’ve learned from my mistakes, and every problem and difficulty has been the platform for my next level of success.”

Charlotte Cline-Smith

PR & Communications Manager

Cross-cultural consultant. ESL Professional. Writer. Editor. Working to share stories and grow together across cultures and communities.
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