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The Way Women Work: Equipping women around the world for professional success

I believe that women are key to global economic prosperity.

I created The Way Women Work because women in growth economies regularly tell me that they don’t have a place to find the online career and business advice they need to advance.

Based on my experience working with women all around the world, and being originally from the Middle East, I know how challenging that can be.

Instead of focusing on the barriers women face (don’t enough people already do that?!), we share the strategies that millions of women use to excel.

You are the women the world has been waiting for! ™

Wishing you all the success,

Rania Habiby Anderson
Founder & President

Leading authority on business women. Global speaker. Executive coach. Entrepreneur. Former corporate leader. Angel investor. Forthcoming author.

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“You are the woman
the world has been waiting for™”



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