Be Your Own Job Czar

Recently, Richard Stengel, the Managing Editor of Time Magazine was one of many to call for the creation of a Job Czar.

The recurring thought I have when I see these recommendations is we don’t need a job czar — successful business women and working women are their own job czars.

be your own job czar the way women work


Some have labeled the current recession a “He-cession” because more jobs have been lost by men than women. If that’s the case, then what should the “she’s” be doing now?

Perhaps you are thinking that it is still too early at the start of the economic recovery to take action, but the time to act is now. Here is why:

  1. More women have already or are in the process of earning college degrees than men, and the value of those college degrees is increasing as more and more jobs require an advanced education.
  2. Women have traditionally dominated and still dominate some industries, among them health and education, which are are anticipated to grow most rapidly. Women’s share of these jobs will likely increase.
  3. For once, women might actually derive benefit from those relatively lower salaries they have been getting paid. As employers slowly start adding positions, they will likely be looking for the highest value, most affordable option — and that is women with college degrees.

So, how do you capitalize on these three trends right now and take advantage of the opportunities that are available and becoming available in the marketplace? How do you make sure that you don’t keep making that relatively lower salary?

Our upcoming blog series: How to be Your Own Job Czar will provide some proven success strategies. Stay tuned and send us your success strategies. We’d love to share them with others.