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Get the Job You Want (Part 3): Strong Follow Up Strategies

7 ways to follow up get the job you want The Way Women Work Rania Anderson

What do should you do after your interview while you wait to hear back? Six strong follow up strategies to show your persistence and value…

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Get the Job You Want (Part 2): Have Your Best Interview Ever

Follow these 3 tips that are critical for an in person interview (and doubly so if you are being interviewed on the phone). Your job is to be positively memorable to the interviewer…

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Get the Job You Want (Part 1): Prepare for Your Best Interview Ever

Get the Job You Want Prepare for Your Best Interview Ever The Way Women Work career advice job search interview tips

Don’t make the most common mistake of not being prepared for your job interview. Here are six detailed actions you can take to get the job you want…

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5 Ways to Create a Resume/CV That Gets You Noticed

Six seconds – that is the average amount of time recruiters looking at a resume/CV. Make sure you do these five things to stand out…

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Ways That Work: The Best Way to Find a Job

All over the world, women are graduating from colleges at historically high rates. Yet, in some countries women still make up a very small percentage of the workforce. There are many reasons why this is the case, but we want to eliminate not being able to find a job as one of them. The best way […]

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The Art of Following Up

I recently heard the quote, “Our worst fears lie in anticipation.” Anticipation runs high after you’ve made a business connection, applied for a job, internship/fellowship or met an important contact. But the uncertainty can be tamed if you have a confident follow-up strategy, or as we say: the WAY you follow up. Common questions we […]

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The Single Best Way to Get a Job

Did you know that only 10% of jobs are ever really posted or advertised? That is why the single most effective way for women to get a job or promotion is to connect with people. Here are 10 steps you can take today to further your career….

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Be Your Own Job Czar

Successful business women and working women are their own job czars. Here are some simple steps you can take today to manage your own career advancement…

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