Recognizing Promotion Signs

Recognizing Promotion SignsOn any journey there are signs along the road that tell you where you are or what progress you are making.

On a road trip some of these signs include mile markers and signs with the distance to your destination.

Similarly, in an organization, there are signs that will indicate to you whether you are on the road to a promotion. You have to recognize those signs and know how to capitalize on them to make faster progress.

You are PROMOTABLE if you are:

  • Included in meetings where some or all of your peers are not included
  • Assigned to important task forces
  • Asked for input on major decisions
  • Provided with organizational information not shared with others in your peer group
  • Given more responsibility, including tasks for which your manager is typically responsible

What should you do if you see these signs?

  1. Actively participate and produce stellar results in the meetings you attend and in the work you are assigned.
  2. Ensure you are ready for that promotion opportunity by continually broadening and deepening your skill set.
  3. Network internally within your organization and externally within your industry so influential people know you and recognize your contributions.
  4. Commit to nurturing a good relationship with your manager and peers. It’s much harder to get ahead without that support.
  5. Advocate for yourself by asking for the next opportunity and supporting that request with an endorsement from your sponsor.

It sounds simple, and in many ways it really is. Just keep the tank of your career car full and the engine fine tuned, and keep your foot on the gas. When you see the signs, take the on-ramp for the destination you seek.

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