How To:

Get a Promotion

How to Take Credit for Your Accomplishments

DO NOT make this mistake that hinders many women’s success: failure to accept credit for your accomplishments. Here are four ways to acknowledge your role…

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If You Only Do 3 Things to Advance Your Career…

The most successful professional women around the world do these three things…do you?

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Stuck in Middle Management? STOP

I have found that the women I coach need to STOP doing a these six things to be more successful…

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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Promoting Yourself

This past week our theme was ‘Promote Yourself’: Each day we talked about why it is important for women to promote themselves to get ahead in their career and the practical ways they can. Catch up with our four secrets to getting ahead, as well as what everyone was talking about.

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#4 Secret to Getting Ahead: Nominate Yourself for a Promotion

I made a classic mistake that most women make: not nominating themselves for a promotion. It wasn’t until my supervisor challenged me and I changed my path. Learn from a recent Google study and how you can promote yourself more to advance in your career faster.

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#3 Secret to Getting Ahead: Track Your Accomplishments

It’s so simple you can start today. Write down your accomplishments and quantify your contributions in your job so the numbers can help promote you. Take pride in all you’ve done! And use this helpful tool as you prepare for what is to come.

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#2 Secret to Getting Ahead: Practice Promoting Yourself

If there was only ONE thing we would want you to know about getting ahead, it is this 2011 definitive Catalyst study on women in the workplace. The findings: Being good at what you do isn’t enough. Promote yourself for growth and success, career satisfaction, increased compensation, and….

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9 C’s to the C-Suite

Do you have your sights set on getting into executive/senior management? Want to be a CEO, CFO or a CIO? Adopt these nine key practices of women who have landed a senior management position.

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Success With a Sponsor: High-Tech Jordanian Woman CEO

In the Middle East, IT is largely known as a male-dominated field. But that didn’t stop Tamara Abdel-Jaber. Ten years ago, she began┬áher own Jordanian IT company, despite others wondering what she was thinking. In fact…

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Recognizing Promotion Signs

recognizing promotion signs the way women work

How to know if you are promotable, and what women can do to take action and get the promotion they want…

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