Survey: Are you stuck in your career or business?

are you stalled the way women workIt happens to all of us and it will happen again.

You know the feeling: things seem to be going well in your career. Then, you begin experiencing an unease. At first, you are not sure what its about. Then, you recognize that you are no longer content with where you are. Your career or business is not advancing in the way you would like it to.

If you are motivated to figure out WHY and create positive momentum, we have a quick self assessment to help you get on your way again.

(Be sure to pay attention to if you answer mostly As, Bs, or Cs so you can get your results.)

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What you can do now:

Successful women know and anticipate that there will be times in their careers when they stall out. But, instead of being discouraged, they reflect. They know that before they can get going again, they first have to figure out if they are doing anything or not doing something that’s holding them back.

It’s very possible that what’s holding you back is not directly attributable to your own actions. But, successful women start first with honest self reflection determining if there are areas of change within their control before moving to address issues with their manager or in their workplace.

If you are feeling stuck or want to accelerate your success take the following self assessment to determine where you need to focus your attention and efforts.

We are here to help you along the way! Check out our numerous articles with great career and business advice.

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