4 Lessons in a New Era of Entrepreneurship in India

In the pre-90s, Indian corporate work culture and the mindsets were the kind where loyalty was cherished and the firm became your second home. It was a natural result of your hard work and integrity that assured successions up the ladder. This was the great Indian stable dream.

It was the unthinkable to leave and hop jobs, even in half a decade. Professional stability would pry under the scanner and eyebrows went up to know the real reason of the change. It really was the unthinkable then.

Soon after came a an era where it was normal to move not just jobs but also careers. There were brave hearts who moved from a high-profile jet set black suit job to becoming a business entrepreneur in a scenic part of India with on the side being a diving instructor. Jaws dropped, eyes rolled and much to the resistance of existing mindset – there was the dawn of a new age India.

I, too, am a part of this new era. Being an Indian woman entrepreneur today, I reflect on what was it like to move from a full-time paying job to becoming an entrepreneur. It was the unthinkable as I was programmed to be a jet setter professional and didn’t know life beyond my corporate career. When I decided my working life should be more adventurous I began to explore the unknown in me. I felt the thrill and the fear of taking the dive into entrepreneurship in India. Nevertheless, I did.

4 lessons I learned along the way:

  • Love your choices. If you are constantly going to long for your pay package, the perks and direct credit to your corporate bank account every month, then entrepreneurship is not for you. This will only make you second-guess your decision. It really is about knowing your true passion – whether it is enabling other people, making a difference to your country, making the lives better or even earning more. The key is to fall in love with your decision and be at it ruthlessly.
  • Be the cliff hanger. Whoever said being an entrepreneur is a cake walk? It takes plenty and more of self discipline. You may be your own boss, but timelines and targets are sanctity for being a successful entrepreneur. The journey is going to be with its twists and turns – you need to hang in there if you really want to see your dream come true.
  • Direct a movie. The synonym of entrepreneurship is creativity! Yes, you read that right. No one will lay out the plan for you – you are the director, producer, actor and the spot boy of the business. You design the business you want. Clients love new themes and you have the chance to break the status quo and do what you think is right. You got to be a bag of ideas always ticking with the unique.
  • Appreciate the weather. Some days are going to be bright and sunny while the others are going to look and feel like the damp grey rain. You just got to don a raincoat and walk through the pitter patter. And that is really about living life. You may be swamped with prestigious projects, or may do some to just fund your passion or there may be months without business. You got to keep at it and develop your malleability!

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