Lean, Learn, Level Up Your Career!

For those of you who are facing a similar situation at your jobs, here are few ways I dealt with the unexpected increase in the workload and professional responsibilities…

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2017 Cartier Award Winner, Trupti Jain, Works to Eradicate Hunger

Indian entrepreneur Trupti Jain is challenging our assumptions about solving hunger, climate change, and empowering women. She upends paradigms around customer pricing and how entrepreneurs behave. The Cartier Awards took note. Competing with 17 other finalists for one of the prestigious international awards on April 12th, Trupti (far right) was selected by the ­independent global jury […]

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Interview with Mansi Gupta, Female CEO in India

Mansi Gupta CEO of Tjori India

As founder and CEO of growing designer handmade goods brand Tjori, Mansi shares a glimpse into her life as an entrepreneur…

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What it was like to say ‘we failed’ & shut down our startup

Indian marketing professional Unmana Datta shares her entrepreneurial journey and what it was like to try and fail…

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How Lack of Safety Impacts Professional Women in India

lack of safety in india The Way Women Work

Four professional Indian women share their experiences on the lack of safety in India and what is and is not being done about it. Here are some actions women can take on their own to be more safe…

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4 Lessons in a New Era of Entrepreneurship in India

Payal Gandhi Hoon Founder of Tamarai India The Way Women Work guest contributor

Payal paints a vivid picture of how opportunities and culture has shifted in the past two decades with people leaving steady, corporate jobs to dive into the unknowns of entrepreneurship…

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What Women in India Want, Think & Do to Succeed (PT 3)

Freyaz Shroff

Freyaz Shroff created her startup after several humanitarian and professional initiatives. She shares her three success mantras: meditation, weekly planning, and…

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What Women in India Want, Think & Do to Succeed (PT 2)

Dharmendar Kanwar writer, heritage conservationist and promoter of tourism in Rajasthan India The Way Women Work interview

Dharmendar Kanwar is a full-time writer, heritage conservationist and promoter of tourism in Rajasthan, India: “There really is no short-cut to success; it is only dedication that puts you above the rest…”

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What Women in India Want, Think & Do to Succeed (PT 1)

Neera Saggi Chief Executive of L&T Seawoods Pvt. Ltd. (LTSPL) interview The Way Women Work

Neera Saggi has worked in government for 28 years: “It’s important not to say what others want to hear. But how you say it is crucial. You must always be who you are or else at some point you will fall apart…”

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From Hobby to Career: Indian Woman Wildlife Photographer

Rathika Ramasamy is one of the few successful professional photographers in India. She talks about her off the beaten-track career…

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