WHY? More Educated Women, But Still Lagging Behind Men

yale global

Earlier this year, YaleGlobal published “Women More Educated Than Men But Still Paid Less.”

Author Chamie points out that “worldwide, women now outnumber men in both university attendance and graduation,” but that “women continue to lag behind men in employment, income, business ownership, research and politics.”

Chamie attributes some of this disparity to societal gender expectations, family responsibilities, and educational choices, among other factors.

While all these may be true, I see another reason for the disparity. Though many women have quality educations and a strong skill set, too many are missing the tools, sponsors, and know-how they need to move successfully from college into the workplace.

It is difficult for these women to launch their careers because there is a gap between what they learn at school and what they need to succeed at work or relatable role models and resources to help achieve their professional goals.

The lack of guidance and obstacles to the full engagement of women in the global economy have serious consequences. As demonstrated in the recent 2014 Global Gender Gap Report, the economies of many countries are negatively impacted because they are not tapping into whole pool of talent that could be part of their workforce. This impacts not just countries, but also businesses that will only prosper if they can harness women, their education and skills in the workforce.

Though we can celebrate women’s increased access to education around the world, it’s not enough if women cannot effectively integrate into the workforce!

THIS is crucial time of opportunity for business women in emerging economies. THIS is a crucial time of opportunity for businesses. This is a crucial time of opportunity for governments. In the last few decades, we have literally reversed the ratio of men and women enrolled in higher education. The number of motivated, highly-educated women with inspirational goals has reached a critical mass, especially in emerging economies.

Companies, more than ever before, this is the moment to find, mentor, and engage women with career aspirations. You literally can’t afford not too.

Aspiring women in emerging economies, NOW is the time to advance your career and businesses. Contribute, ask for what you want, network, seek mentors, share resources, and encourage one another’s professional goals.

Though high-level policies and rules will have to shift to thoroughly accommodate the growing number of women entering the global workforce, it is also up to us, in communities like The Way Women Work, to support and reach out to each other as we press forward.

What are we waiting for?