Don’t Let Your Mistakes Stress You Out

Only recently did Ma. Christine Isabel Donato realize her dream to become a writer.

From Binan City in the Philippines, she studied Mass Communications and then moved into the film industry after college. But, the instability in the industry left her wanting, and so she took a new job at a design agency to work on her writing skills.

Young in her career, Christine has already learned some huge professional and personal lessons – particularly on not letting her mistakes stress her out.


At first, I worked in film production as a script continuation and a production assistant. It was really hard working in the film industry, many sleepless nights and very low pay without any good benefits; the film industry is also contractual, based on the show’s longevity. So, I told myself I wanted to find a job that can give me more security (financially and physically). Then, it came back to me – I wanted to be a writer! And, I will do something about it. So, I applied at Slingshot Design Studio Inc., a creative agency. At this company I get the chance to proofread and copy write. While this isn’t exactly my dream, I believe I am taking little steps to hone my skills.

2. Tell me about some obstacles you’ve faced professionally and how you overcame them.

Mostly, being too sensitive is my obstacle at work. I am overly sensitive in that I can easily get sad or depressed about things that involve my mistakes. I overcome that obstacle by telling myself to correct my mistakes without crying or stressing myself. I also learned that some mistakes are inevitable and that pushes us to be strong.  I used to fear mistakes and failure. But, now I ACCEPT MY FAILURES AND LEARN FROM THEM.


3. What inspires you and motivates you?

My family and of course MYSELF (I want to be a better version of myself).


Well, I am very lucky that I have been employed in a company that doesn’t look at your gender as a strength or a weakness. My workmates respect me and I respect them. Although many people still think that women are weak and not as excellent as men, I like how women nowadays are being respected more overall. Still, we (the Philippines) are slowly emerging and building a foundation for a better nation.

5. What is your advice to other women in the Philippines?

BE CONFIDENT! Make your weakness a shield so no one can use it against you. Make your strength a weapon and you can go out to the real world well equipped.

LOVE YOURSELF! Stop blaming yourself if you fail, because some of those failures are inevitable.

DO NOT WASTE TIME THINKING ABOUT WHAT OTHERS WILL THINK OF YOU! It will depress you! Usually, people bring you down because they are jealous. What’s important is what you and your family think of you.

Erin Risner

Director of Community Engagement

Writer. Creative. Brand Strategist. Content Curator. Social Media and Marketing Maven. Passionate about connecting with women around the world and telling their success stories.