Don’t Let Your Mistakes Stress You Out

Young in her career, Christine has already learned some huge professional and personal lessons as she pursues her dream of becoming a writer. In the Philippines…

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Work and Life in Malaysia for a Female IT Project Director

Pat D Cruz Female IT Director Malaysia The Way Women Work interview

Patricea shares what has helped her achieve career success, the obstacles she’s overcome, and what its like for working women in Malaysia today…

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Providing New Career Opportunities for Pakistani Women, founded by Abdul Muizz in 2013, is the first online career community for Pakistani women. It provides…

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Interview with Hong Kong Female Journalist

“Identify opportunities and be brave enough to ask.” This, along with hard work and networking, has led Jennifer Cheung into high-profile journalism opportunities…

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To Succeed, Change Your Mindset

Wee Yen’s entrepreneurial path will make you believe anything is possible. She took great risk, overcame her own personality and cultural obstacles, and…

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On the Rise: Malaysian Women Band Together in Business

Going on nine years and fast growing with a focus on technology adoption, the Women Entrepreneur Network Association (WENA) of Malaysia is taking a new approach by forming industry-based focus groups in five sectors: ICT, Retail and Services, Food, Education, and Health, Beauty and Wellness.

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It Pays to Be Assertive

“But aren’t Filipinos mostly laborers and maids?” Lalaine Chu-Benitez was presenting her magazine to an advertiser who asked her this question. It was precisely this attitude that led to the creation of Chu-Benitez’s international, Dubai-based publication, Illustrado. Her goal was to combat stereotypes and raise the morale and the image of the Filipino woman in […]

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Singapore Woman Named World Entrepreneur of the Year

We thought it fitting to end the year with a success story about the first woman to be awarded the Ernst and Young World Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Olivia Lum was adopted at birth and grew up in a hut in Malaysia without running water. In June 2011, she was the first woman to […]

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