5 Undeterred Women You Might Have Missed in 2014

2014 has been a year of powerful stories from the women in our amazing network! Their stories show that for business women and developing professionals in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, being undeterred often means growing success out of difficult circumstances.

Having pushed through major setbacks, these five undeterred women are now thriving in their careers and businesses in emerging economies around the world.


1. Alena-Vladimirskaya-Russia-Pruffi-Founder-and-CEO-The-Way-Women-Work-interview-2For Alena Vladimirskaya in Russia, entrepreneurial opportunity developed during her life’s lowest point, when her husband left her 8 months pregnant in a job that wouldn’t support her. Despite the overwhelming circumstances, Alena refused to give up on her vision of success; she simply redefined it. She was undeterred by the odds of moving to a new city and entering a completely new field of work. Today, Alena is a foremost headhunting expert in Russia and Founder and CEO of the recruiting company Pruffi.


2.Angel Xue Chinese female entrepreneur When Angel Xue in China struck out on her own to start her own accounting firm, she learned that a successful entrepreneur “dares to embrace the failure state of mind.” She faced many legal and policy barriers, and often had to acknowledge failure in multiple paths before finding the right way. Now the successful founder of ShenWei Certified Public Accountants, Angel urges other women in start-ups to push through challenges and dare to keep trying.


3. Yliana-del-Carmen-García-Vásquez--220x220Like Alena, Yliana del Carmen García Vásquez in Peru also started her own business when her job wouldn’t support her as a new single mother. She has found that being an entrepreneur requires perseverance and persistence, especially in a country where the position of women in business needs more growth. Her business, Chocolates YLI,  produces and markets locally sourced chocolates and sweets, and has become an investment in her community of rural women farmers.



4. haifaA highly successful and reputable CEO, Haifa Dia Al-Attia models a balanced, undeterred life in Jordan. It is estimated that women constitute a small 14 percent of the total workforce in Jordan, so Haifa’s success has not been without cultural and professional obstacles. She is passionate, however, to show women that they have the ability and the choice to pursue the success they desire, without losing their families and reputations. As the CEO of the Queen Rania Foundation, she has modeled a career with immense community influence and business profit, while maintaining an active role in her immediate and extended family.


5. christine-smMa. Christine Isabel Donato in the Philippines has become a strong writer and now is the Account Executive at Sling Shot Design Studio Inc. However, she believes she only reached this success because of her willingness to embrace her failures and learn from them. Still young in her career, Christine urges other women in business to love yourself and be confident as you move towards your vision of success.

Established women like Haifa and young professionals like Christine in our network show the power of believing in your vision even when circumstances or even community try to dissuade you. All these women believe in the power of sharing networks, resources, and experience, and are eager to see more strong, visionary women join the global workforce. As you plan your professional growth in 2015, let the stories and advice of undeterred women inspire you.

We’ve declared 2015 ‘The Year of the Undeterred Woman’ – are you in?

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Charlotte Cline-Smith

PR & Communications Manager

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