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Reflections & Reminders of What’s Most Important

reminders of what is most important

Five important lessons to keep in mind as you strive for career and business success in the New Year. My reflections and reminders for a healthier you in 2014…

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Top Advice of 2013 From Women in Emerging Economies

Top Advice of 2013 From Women in Emerging Economies

Wisdom to light your path from seasoned entrepreneurs and corporate women from Africa, Middle East, China, Russia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and India in 2013…

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Survey: Are you stuck in your career or business?


Take this quick 9-question survey to see the areas you can improve professionally. Successful women know and anticipate that there will be times in their careers when they stall out…

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Why Women Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets Need to Know BiD Network

bid network

High-growth entrepreneurs in emerging economies can connect with investors, coaches, mentors at more through BiD Network….

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Think Medium: 6 Ways to Grow Your Business


There aren’t just two business sizes small and large. There’s also medium. Here’s how you can grow yours…

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Calling for the End of the Queen Bee


Four actions you can do to not only bring on the end of the Queen Bee, but also raise a multitude of powerful women….

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Build Your Business: Free Sites, Tools & Resources

build your business free online tools

NOW is the time to be an entrepreneur! Why? There are countless, valuable online resources just a click away. These will make your life easier and your business more efficient…

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5 Predictors of Entrepreneurial Activity Around the World


Findings from the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report show that your attitude is a key determinant of your business success…

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What Separates the Successful: Staying Power & the ‘WHY’


Two overlooked reasons that entrepreneurs are successful: perseverance and their ‘why’. Watch this TED Talk by Simon Sinek and learn from my personal entrepreneurial experience to help you on yours.

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Free eBook: Top Advice from Successful Global Women in 2012


Get this free, visually stunning, 22-page eBook of first-hand business and career advice from inspiring global women.

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