Middle East

Snapshot of a Photographer from South Africa to Dubai

anke sq

South African-born Anke Groenwald got her first camera when she was four-years-old and has always been “obsessed with photographs.” Now…

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Interview with Dubai Female Entrepreneur of @blend

malak sq

Originally from Saudi Arabia, Malak Al-Habib is a new entrepreneur promoting healthy eating in Dubai. For the past 10 years, Malak has been observing the health and eating habits of those in UAE…

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UAE Female Game Developer Gets to the Next Level

fakhra sq

Fakhra’s love of video games became her career path; see how this app developer, game designer, and entrepreneur is making her mark…

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Interview with Female Entrepreneur in UAE

marianna sq

Marianna started her own digital agency in 2011 in the United Arab Emirates. Here she gives a personal glimpse into her vision and entrepreneurial journey…

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Growing Opportunities for Women in the Middle East

women in the middle east job opportunities The Way Women Work

The Middle East is booming with job opportunities for women. Here are some specific job sectors that are growing the most…

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From Corporate to Entrepreneurship in the Middle East

Leila sq

Originally from Algeria, Leila Rezaiguia has followed her fierce drive, overcome professional hardships and taken risks that have led her to this new exciting time in her career and life…

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Work and Life on Her Terms: CEO of Queen Rania Foundation


Haifa Dia Al-Attia’s path to work and life balance. For her, as the he CEO of the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, in Jordan, living it out means…

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Yemeni Business Woman Designs Her Own Way

marwah aziz Yemeni business woman architect investor The Way Women Work

Marwah Aziz is an architect and, along with four men, a co-investor in the investment firm the Basha Group. She describes how she found her courage on her career path and what has led to her success.

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Omani Woman Leader Fuels Productivity, Investment

nisreen sq

Nisreen Ahmed Jaffer was the first woman petroleum engineer in Oman, and now she leads in the public sector for Oman’s investment and export strategy…

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Jordanian Award-Winning Artist, Female Business Owner Shines

may khoury amman jordan

How May Khoury is blending her Arabian culture and heritage with a modern twist in her gallery, designs and business. Her journey and advice for other aspiring women…

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