UNDETERRED the book is OUT! Published & now shipping globally

UNDETERRED: The Six Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies Rania Habiby Anderson The Way Women Work


Rania Habiby Anderson’s book and labor of love, UNDETERRED: The Six Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies – is out! Find it and its companion workbook at retailers globally including Amazon, iBookstore, and Barnes & Noble.  

UNDETERRED is a culmination of:

  • UNDETERRED and its companion workbook The way women work rania anderson250 relatable, successful women’s input from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East
  • 86 prominent ‘undeterred’ women featured
  • 29 countries
  • 4 years of research
  • 6 success habits uncovered
  • 1.5 years of writing
  • 408 pages
  • inside UNDETERRED 1 crowdfunding campaign with 207 funders
  • 1,280 books donated to women university graduates in 2015
  • The 1st book of its kind written expressly for ambitious, educated women in emerging economies

Rania wrote UNDETERRED expressly for you, dear global The Way Women Work community — to help you on your path to career and business success.


“This book will inspire you to go out there and make a difference without allowing others to put you down or prevent you from fulfilling your dreams. I wish I had read this book many years ago.” – Monica Singer, CEO of Strate, South Africa

“Undeterred has amazing stories of inspiration and holds an action plan for your success.” – Christopher M. Schroeder, entrepreneur, investor, and author of Startup Rising: The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East

“Finally, a book that looks at how women in Africa, Asia, Russia, Latin America and the Middle East are succeeding in the world!” – Muna AbuSulayman, philanthropist and media personality, Saudi Arabia

“Undeterred is a timely book. There are no insurmountable obstacles preventing women in Latin America from starting their own business.” – Susana Garcia-Robles, Principal Investment Officer, Multilateral Investment Fund

“This book will open your mind and heart…read it, reflect upon it, and implement its outstanding advice.” – Mauro F. Guillen, Director, The Lauder Institute and the Wharton School

“A roadmap filled with practical lessons learned from successful women in growth economies. A must-read for every woman.” – K. Shelly Porges, former Senior Advisor, Global Entrepreneurship Program, U.S. Department of State

Back of Undeterred


In the coming months we will share more stories and excerpts from the book, actions you can take to build your own success habits, as well as where Rania will be speaking around the world (request her for speaking here).

Buy the book, or first sign up to get two free chapters of UNDETERRED and see what you think.

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Thank you for being a part of our community and for all of your support and encouragement the past few years as we’ve been working on the book- we hope you enjoy it! Let us know what you think.

Join us in making this The Year of the Undeterred Woman! 

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